Jonathan Cahn Unlocks 12 Signs of the End Times part 2

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Abby Trivett

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has unlocked more of the 12 signs of the end times. These mysteries revolve largely around the death of Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, and his biblical connection to Israel. However, it’s not just Raisi that had a biblical connection to Israel, but rather the entire nation of Iran.

  • The term ‘sar paras’ can be translated into the term, “Ruler of Iran.”

Cahn says the link between Raisi and death is not difficult to figure out especially since his own people referred to him as “The Butcher.”

  • Behind all of the news we see today is a spiritual war.

Cahn says everything we see happening today is directly linked to wars being raged in the spiritual realm.

“Did you notice something? On the same day, the same exact day when the news came out that the leader of Iran was struck down the world court in the Hauge, in Europe, sought to strike down the leader of Israel,” Cahn says referring to the arrest warrants the ICC sought after Benjamin Netanyahu.

“They have never called for a warrant for people like the dictator of North Korea…or the leader of China and others who have killed thousands of thousands or millions of their own people.”

  • The Archangel Michael fights the ‘sar paras.’

“Who is he? [The] angel of God—chief angel of God,” Cahn says.

Cahn points out that Michael, as referred to in this prophecy, is also called ‘sar,’ meaning a ruler and general.

“He fights against the other sar, the sar paras, the sar of Persia, or Iran.”

“ The one who wars against the ‘sar paras’—Michael—is now waring against the dragon,” Cahn says. “The dragon and the sar paras, the ruler of Iran, are on the same side. And the dragon is Satan…the attack on Israel is the war of the dragon, which is an ancient war. It’s been going on for ages.”

  • The threats from Iran came during the first day of Passover.

Cahn notes that Passover was a time of victory for the Israelites against the Egyptians in the Old Testament. Now, as we look at our modern age, the first day of Passover this year was the same day that Raisi made the threats to annihilate the people of Israel.

  • Declaring to put an end to God’s people is to blaspheme God.

Cahn says that working to put an end to God’s people is to blaspheme God. It is in blasphemy against God that Cahn says Raisi fell.

“Raisi had blasphemed God on the holy days of Israel; that’s even worse,” Cahn says. “Raisi was unique in the history of Iran as he actually struck Israel in that war and then he committed blasphemy.”

Cahn says the appointed Passover Scripture of Leviticus 24:16 which was read just one day before Raisi’s death discusses how a blasphemer against the Lord is to die.

“Whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall surely be put to death,” Cahn reads. “So as Raisi had taken life, life would be taken—his life.”

These mysteries show us that what is happening today in Israel is not by coincidence. There is a spiritual war being fought, and God will be victorious.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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