Mainstream Media Controls Narrative, Won’t Allow End-Times Truth to Be Told, Michael Snyder Says

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Wars. Rumors of wars. Fires. Earthquakes. Economic collapse. And more. We see it all in the daily news.

“Global events are accelerating,” economist and cultural commentator Michael Snyder tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. “We’re moving deeper into the period of time the Bible calls the end times,” he adds, noting that these are “exciting” but “deeply troubled” times. What’s more, he says, it has become harder to get the truth out to interested people because of the tight control the mainstream media holds on the public narrative.

“News is a product, and it’s controlled by just a very few hands,” Snyder says. “In fact, just five giant corporations control more than 90% of all the television news that Americans consume.” These same sources control the news whether we access it via the internet or television, he says, adding, “and then you’ve got 15 billionaires who own and control America’s newspaper industry. And collectively, they’ve been designated by Facebook, by Google News, by Twitter as the trusted sources … where the algorithms have been designed to funnel people and to highlight the news from the trusted sources.”

This blocks people like Snyder and other Christian, conservative sources from their former audience, he says. A critical story such as the recent Gallup poll that showed 70% of Americans now favor same-sex marriage, he adds, “Didn’t make the No. 1 headline on any of the news sites, but to me, this was the most significant news story that came out this week, because it really shows the decline of America and where we’re at these days.”

“They really dominate news and information, and they want to keep it that way,” Syder says. “And they’ve gone to great lengths where you’ve got Facebook, you’ve got Twitter, and they’ve cracked down on with censorship. And of course the vast majority of the censorship is against Christians, it’s against conservatives. We saw more big names being banned over the past week.”

All this has a chilling effect on free speech and on the spread of the gospel, Snyder says. “The stuff that is in the Bible is not politically correct at all. And it’s getting worse by the day as our society moves farther and farther away from God. And so at this point, the establishment media is openly anti-Christian.”

For much more from Michael Snyder on the real news behind the false narrative touted by the mainstream media and how it relates to end-times prophecy, listen to this entire episode of Greenelines at this link. Be sure to subscribe to Greenelines on your favorite podcast platform, and check out Snyder’s recent book, Lost Prophecies of the Future of America, wherever fine books are sold. {eoa}

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