IHOPKC Announces Permanent Separation From Mike Bickle

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James Lasher

On the evening of Friday, Dec. 22, IHOPKC spokesman Eric Volz, managing director of The David House Agency, announced that the 24/7 prayer and worship ministry is “formally and permanently” separating from Mike Bickle.

In addition to Bickle’s complete removal from the organization in light of “new information,” IHOPKC Executive Director Stuart Greaves has resigned and stepped down from his role on the ministry’s board of directors.

“Since taking over management of the crisis, the executive committee has received new information to now confirm a level of inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle that requires IHOPKC to immediately, formally and permanently separate from him,” explains Volz. He adds that General Kurt Fuller, “who took over management of this crisis,” will be temporarily assuming the role of executive director as the investigation into alleged abuses continues.

This announcement comes after over a month of investigations taking place into allegations of spiritual and sexual abuse on the part of Bickle, who acknowledged sins in the past yet remained adamant the accusations of a “more intense” sexual nature were false, written in a public statement he released.

Whatever the details are that led to Bickle’s immediate removal, IHOPKC will not be sharing them, Volz explains, as “IHOPKC does not have permission from those individuals to share details, while they are being vetted further, by an independent investigator.”

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IHOPKC, now helmed by Fuller, remains committed to a “thorough and complete investigation” into the clergy abuse allegations against Bickle.

While these accusations have rocked the Christian community, Volz pointed back to the one who can bring about total and complete healing and restoration to all of those affected by this harrowing saga, while administering justice for any and all wrongs potentially committed by spiritual leadership.

“We hold steadfast to Jesus, to His leadership,” Volz concludes. “He is our source and our great reward. The 24/7 prayer movement that God started will continue. IHOPKC will stand in the gap for Israel and ultimately continue to proclaim the beauty of Jesus until His glorious return.”

The alleged spiritual abuse at IHOPKC has shaken the community and brought to light the importance of transparency, accountability and healing within the church. As the investigation unfolds, it is crucial for Christians to come together in prayer and support for all those affected by this tragedy. Through unity, love and a commitment to justice, the church can emerge stronger and more resilient in its mission to serve God and its members. May the grace of God bring comfort and healing to the hearts of those who have been hurt, and may the truth be revealed for the greater good of the community.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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