Morning Rundown: Who Is the Real Benny Hinn?

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Who Is the Real Benny Hinn?

Who is the real Benny Hinn?

After 50 years in ministry, Benny Hinn has become one of the largest voices in the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. He has been in the throes of controversy many times, especially when it comes to the prosperity gospel and healing.

In an exclusive interview with Stephen Strang on the Strang Report podcast, Hinn opened up about his years in ministry, the regrets he has, the mistakes and victories he’s had and what the power of the gospel means to him.

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Navigating Criticism on the Road to Redemption

Christian controversy just seems to be a thing these days.

It bridges denominations, genders and borders, and when a big name in the Christian sphere stumbles or even falls on their face (metaphorically speaking), there is an army of online content creators waiting to pick their situation apart and offer their audiences a “hot take.”

Others are scholars and seasoned commentators such as charismatic leader Dr. Michael Brown, who sat down with Charisma Media founder Stephen Strang on the Strang Report podcast to address the recent criticism of Benny Hinn and whether it has been useful or destructive.

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The Unbiblical Bible Coming for Your Kids

Do we need a ‘normal’ bible for children?

Bibles made for children to understand the Word of God are not a new phenomenon. However, when it comes the new fundraising by the organization known as The Bible for Normal People, their initiative for a new children’s bible is questionable at best.

As Protestia noted, “God’s Stories as Told by God’s Children” created by The Bible for Normal People has an unusual agenda behind it.

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