From Experiment to Global Movement: BibleProject Reshaping Bible Engagement

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James Lasher

An animation studio from Portland, Oregon, is making a significant impact for the Gospel by presenting the Bible in a fresh and captivating way.

Two longtime friends, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, pondered ways to encourage more people to read and comprehend the Bible during their college days. This led to their brainchild, BibleProject, an experiment that began with just two online videos in 2014, shared among their circle of friends.

In less than a decade, BibleProject has grown exponentially, creating over 180 videos, 350 podcast episodes and garnering over 620 million views across 200 countries. With a global subscriber base of over 5 million, the project even offers seminary-level classes, reaching people from all walks of life.

The project’s Chief Global Focus and Strategic Relationships Officer, Michael McDonald, reflects on the unforeseen success, stating that their humble endeavor stemmed from a desire to help themselves and their friends engage with the Bible.

As the audience embraced the videos and expressed their desire for more, individuals contributed funds, big and small, allowing the project to expand its reach.

Collins, equipped with his creative talents, and Mackie, armed with his expertise in Hebrew Bible and Jewish studies, combined forces to give birth to BibleProject. Their collaborative efforts involve detailed workflows, including illustrations, animations, writing, storyboarding and meticulous attention to ensure every line and wording resonates with the intended message.

BibleProject strives to assist those who may only view the Bible as a collection of inspirational quotes to understand how God’ Word points to Jesus as the living, breathing Word. It fearlessly tackles the challenging and perplexing passages that many Christians tend to avoid, seeking to provide clarity and understanding.

The impact of BibleProject extends beyond age and cultural boundaries. Testimonies pour in from a range of individuals, from children as young as 10, to octogenarians. They express newfound engagement with the Scriptures, with some older readers marveling at how their perspective on the Bible has been transformed at this stage of their lives.

BibleProject’s influence extends internationally, transcending language barriers. Videos are available in 56 languages, making an impact even in the Muslim world. McDonald shares stories of individuals in Tunisia, who, despite being Muslim, stumble upon the Arabic videos, leading them to appreciate the Scriptures and gain fresh insights about Jesus.

What began as a simple experiment aimed at helping a small circle of friends has blossomed into a worldwide movement, enlightening and deepening millions of people’s understanding of the Bible.

Collins believes that God is at work, emphasizing the importance of the Bible in people’s lives. BibleProject’s unique contribution lies in presenting the Bible through the lens of biblical wisdom and recognizing how it all points to Jesus.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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