Fox News Returns to Pushing Witchcraft and ‘Rage Rituals’

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James Lasher

Third time’s the charm, and in this case, it’s the reason you should turn off Fox News in your home.

The news corporation is being lambasted by Christians, for the third time this year, for platforming the new age and witchcraft during its primetime programming.

Host Jesse Watters is starting to make a habit of shining a spotlight on the occult during his programs, which should drive every Christian viewer of his to tune out.

With neo-feminist ‘rage rituals,’ an event where women pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to go on a retreat to scream and hit things with sticks (no really, that’s what they do) going viral on social media, Watters and his producers thought it would be a good idea to give the self-described witch a platform to deceive people.

According to the website of “Mia Magik,” whose real name is Mia Banducci, she is “an ambassador for the ancient magikal way returning home to our modern day, my mission is to reclaim our unique and eternal inner wisdom, what makes us a ‘Witch,’ to bring our visions to fruition. My life is dedicated to reawakening the power of the feminine Divine Nature for us all to reconnect with the unconditionally loving Great Mother Goddess on our planet.”

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Meanwhile, Fox is trying to paint itself as a God-honoring, conservative platform by occasionally posting faith-based content, then creating spiritual mixture by promoting the occult.

Be warned: these two things cannot go together, and when they do it is not Christianity but is instead syncretism.

Calling out this spiritual danger is former witch-turned-Christian Jenn Nizza, who recognizes the spiritual danger Fox News is putting their audience in by opening the door for demonic influence in peoples’ lives.

“The problem with this is, one, you’re pointing to something demonic—you’re pointing to man, and you’re pointing to the devil—to heal from trauma wounds, and it can’t heal,” says Nizza. “Beating the earth until you’re blue in the face cannot heal you; opening demonic doors by going to something that’s led by a witch leads to further oppression, so you’re going to the problem for the solution.

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“This is such a complete disgusting demonic contradiction, opposite of God’s Word, and that’s the agenda. The money is the icing on the cake, because you’re not going to have the devil without money. It’s going to cost you and cost you, and you’re going to be that little hamster on the wheel. That’s what it is, because there’s not any solution. There’s no true healing. Demons don’t heal. Demons don’t care about your daddy issues. They don’t care. They just want you to stay away from God,” she continues.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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