Charisma Highlights: Chuck Pierce Prophesies: The End of America as We Know It Is Near

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Chuck Pierce, who has a strong track record in prophetic ministry, predicted years ago that China would become a world menace. Pierce now has very disturbing news about the future of the United States as we know it.

Pierce has written several books on prophecy, including The Passover Prophecies (Charisma House 2020), Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation (Charisma House, 2005) and his newest coming out in August titled, Perspective: How to See the Future God Has for You.

But it’s his prophetic word that God imparted to him 14 years ago that has a lot of people in the kingdom buzzing. In a recent videocast with Cindy Jacobs and Mike Jacobs of Generals International, Pierce prophesied that the United States will soon undergo a major split, with less than half of the 50 states coming together under one flag.

Recently, as I was seeking the Lord for wisdom on what I was sensing spiritually, Holy Spirit kept impressing upon me to revisit things He had told me in times past. As I did so, He highlighted a word I received a few years ago, emphasizing that it was a word that needed to be re-released because it is timely and necessary.

In April 2018 I had a dream that was very unusual and short. Upon awakening, it segued into two visions. In the dream I saw a screen of text messages, with a string of texts that were insignificant, and then one that was highlighted, which stated, “Truth bombs are falling.” The next message said, “You will know My prophets.”

‘Word Warriors’ Rising

I woke up and sought the Lord immediately, and I began to hear, “Truth bombs are falling, and the false will be blown away. There are special forces—’Word Warriors’—ising. Prophets with an unction from the Holy Spirit, emboldened for the hour at hand, will be proclaiming truth across this land. No longer will confusion and error rule this nation; truth bombs will bring forth a holy oblation.”

Fake news. Fake narrative. Fake signals. The liberal leftist media is all fake. I stopped watching and listening to it over a year ago. It’s Satan’s machine. Full of hate and lies. Swamp creatures full of venom promoting fear, panic, stress and anxiety. Aligned with an evil antichrist agenda.

Tune in to heavenly places, saints, where we are seated. Tune in to the Good News of the kingdom, which is true and cannot lie. Tune in to the Spirit of God. Tune into the King and His kingdom. Full of faith, love and glad tidings of peace. It is all within you. Aligned with Christ’s rule and government.

Tell me what you are hearing. It is the voice of heaven shouting from the mountaintop and vibrating down in the valley of decision. Choose life! Choose Jesus Christ!

One recent night the Lord gave me Luke 11:5-13, and then I heard, “Keep a good faith.” After writing this down, I fell back asleep and had a dream.

My husband and I were viewing a large reservoir of water. Oddly enough, even though water continuously flowed into it and there was no apparent outlet or overflow, the water level remained constant. It seemed important that we figure out a way for excess water to be released, and once we had done this, it was like a dam had broken!

As we watched from a safe vantage point with a group of people, a massive volume of water began cascading out of the reservoir. Apparently, even though the water level had remained constant, an enormous amount of unreleased excess water had built up and been stored out of sight, and now it was all being released at once. I remember thinking how a person would not want to get in the way of that!

Six-time New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn is getting ready for his May 12 movie theater event, The Harbingers of Things to Come. The one-night-only theatrical release will appear in 800 theaters nationwide. I sat down with him recently to ask what he hoped to accomplish with his new movie.

“We are witnessing America rapidly accelerating away from God,” Cahn says. “The messages of The Harbinger are prophetic revelations and warnings for God’s people to know what’s happening, where we are going, and where we are.”

“I’m hoping that it not only is a wake-up call for the body [of Christ], but also that they would bring their friends—people who don’t know the Lord—because it’s a real wake-up call for people who don’t even believe to say, ‘Whoa! What is this?’” he continues. {eoa}

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