Why Jesus Is Still the Hope for Every Generation

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Christina Perera

Many have said the Millennial and GenX generations are not interested in Jesus or the church, but the truth is they are not interested in religion without power. As a Millennial born in the ’80s, I encountered a living and loving Jesus who became my friend, father, provider, and wisdom.

In this week’s episode of Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera, join  Sara Billips, author of Orphan Believers: How a Generation of Christian Exiles Can Find the Way Home as we discuss the challenges faced by the younger generation of Christians and the need for a healthy counterculture within the church. Jesus is still available for all who would believe. There is hope and encouragement for those who may be struggling with their faith or feeling disconnected from the church.

End Times Culture and Fear

Millennial generations grew up when the fear of the end times was prevalent. Sara describes the mixed emotions of growing up with a sense of joy in knowing God but also a fear that she may not be able to experience life fully if Jesus were to return. Living with that fear had a lasting impact on our childhoods and shaped our understanding of faith. However, the true biblical approach is different, one that is not solely focused on the end times but embraces a more countercultural and personal relationship with Jesus.

“I think our call is to move deeper into being well-formed and into the Gospel and into reading the Psalms and into prayer and less about trying to co-opt politically some kind of control or dominance.” – Sara Billips

Christian Nationalism

Many Millennial believers feel isolated from the view of Christian nationalism and its influence on evangelical behavior in America. Christian nationalism is not about patriotism but rather the belief that Christianity should be the recognized religion and have a dominant role in society. Sara highlights the dangers of conflating political power with the message of Jesus and how this can lead to a distortion of the Gospel. We must go beyond political agendas and focus on the true teachings of Jesus, which center around justice, care for the poor, and laying down power.

Healthy Christian Counterculture

A healthy counterculture within the church, especially for those who may feel like outsiders or struggle to connect with traditional forms of worship, is paramount to engaging with this generation of believers. Creativity allows us to celebrate all of who God is and find alternative ways to express and experience faith. Developing communities that encourage vulnerability foster deep connection in a way that meets our most fundamental needs and points us to the ever-relational living God.

“I think the church can cultivate communities of creative people that can be really edifying and maybe a way that’s a little bit more attractive for folks that don’t necessarily connect to kind of traditional praise music or… there might be different ways to reach folks that might not necessarily feel like they connect with the kind of dominant culture of the church.” – Sara Billips

Hope for the Future

Despite the challenges and divisions within the church, there is hope for the future. There is a growing movement of believers who are seeking a deeper, more authentic faith. Jesus is not afraid of your questions but longs to answer them, allowing you to find a deeper heart connection with Him. Finding an empowering Christian community is important to your growth, as it is through connection with others that we can find support and grow in our faith. The church’s future is bright as believers from different generations come together to reform and bring the message of Jesus to the world.

“I am more convinced than ever that there are many of us looking around the room and finding each other and saying, like, if we really believe it’s true that the church will always exist… the only way the church will disappear is if it’s a myth. But I’m convicted, like a lot of us, that this is a real, beautiful, powerful story with the Christian story, is a story with a future that is here to stay.” – Sara Billips

Jesus is still the message of hope and encouragement to the younger generations of Christians. As we navigate the complexities of our faith and the challenges of our time, let us remember that Jesus is with us, guiding us and empowering us to be agents of change and love in the world. Let us embrace the call to be a countercultural community, rooted in the teachings of Jesus and committed to justice, compassion, and the pursuit of truth. Together, we can build a future where the church shines as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Christina Perera is a passionate five-fold minister who lives to exalt Jesus in every area. She is passionate about unity in the Body of Christ and bringing Christ out of the scriptures to reveal Jesus and His finished work. She is the author of Fire In Unity and the founder of Christina Perera Ministries, Inc.  She hosts Revealing Jesus on Charisma’s Podcast Network. For more information on her ministry, visit christinaperera.org.

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