The Rise of Deliverers. The Exodus of Fear

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Aaron Rios

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You’re not imagining it. Things are getting worse in this world. The Bible is clear that the acceleration of wickedness is evidence that we are drawing closer to the conclusion of history which will be punctuated with Christ’s return.

Matthew 24:12 says Because lawlessness is increased…,”

But, take courage and do not fear. What we are witnessing is actually good news for the church! We have been equipped and commissioned to not merely survive these troubled times, but to thrive and reveal the power and glory of God to this generation.

The mighty move of God that so many have prayed for is happening now, and it is being ushered in through ministers operating in a prophetic and deliverance anointing. This anointing I believe will be readily available, as this should be the norm for all believers. But for this to happen fear and shame will need to be subdued.

We are seeing an overwhelming need for people to be delivered like never before. Many Christians are being tormented by fear, anxiety, depression and addiction. These attacks and afflictions are a massive illegal violation towards believers and a contradiction of their inheritance in Christ.

Fear and shame are the enemy’s most effective weapons towards Christians. For believers, deliverance is their birth right and inheritance, and, in order to truly walk in liberty, fear and shame is the first and final frontier that God is conquering. With fear and shame gone, all other opposition will collapse. What can the enemy possibly hide behind when fear and shame are gone?

The Holy Spirit must confront these devious and nefarious spirits, in order to release people to operate in the dimension of anointing and radical empowerment needed for today.

John 1:12 says, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.”

1 John 3:8 says, “the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

The Bible speaks directly to the power, authority, victory and inheritance found through Jesus in the saints. The devil has no business afflicting believers, and God is revealing that freedom and deliverance is available now! It will not require you to attend another ‘deliverance seminar’. Though good and helpful, the true remedy to loose believers is through subduing the spirit of fear and shame. When fear is subdued, the believer is free to operate in their born-again birth right to set the captives free. We will begin to see spontaneous deliverance in prayer closets and the byproduct will be empowered believers – the delivered, delivering.

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul speaks heavily on spiritual authority in order to empower a church bound in the throws of paganism and occultism. In Ephesus, a vast array of deities were worshipped, most notably, Artemis, a goddess who was considered the queen of heaven and revered as very powerful.

Consider that in embracing Christianity, the Ephesian church would have been impacted socially as well as spiritually. Commerce was intertwined in their idol worship, and they would have feared spiritual retaliation – i.e. the gods would be angry (Christians would recognize this retaliation as demonic attacks). This type of spiritual atmosphere would keep people in bondage – too afraid to embrace Christ and abandon their false religion.

This is where Paul’s message on the supremacy of Christ and the inheritance of the believers comes in. Paul’s encouragement towards the believers is that they have at their disposal the entire arsenal of heaven on their side. Paul is teaching through his letter that Jesus is above all things. The Greek pantheon is no match for Jesus. Believers can thrive in a territory ruled by demonic principalities and powers.

Many Christians today are captivated by waves of sensationalized deliverance sessions, and the ministry of deliverance can appear unattainable with all of the varieties of techniques. Some might feel ill-equipped to walk a person through a deliverance session. What all genuine deliverance ministries have in common is that the power is not in the technique, the power resides in Jesus, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Fear and shame are keeping many from pursuing Jesus and availing themselves more deeply to the Holy Spirit.

I went through a season where I felt powerless and believed that I needed mighty anointed ministers to impart into my life through the laying on of hands. I considered flying out to various conferences in order to receive it. Then the Lord gently directed me to Psalms 23, where the psalmist writes, “He anoints my head with oil.”

Jesus is the one who anointed His people for the work of ministry. Certainly we need the laying on of hands, the passing of mantles and teaching from anointed men and women of God. But friends, if your ability to operate in the spiritual gifts was contingent in getting to a seminar or having a famous minister lay hands on you, then we are in trouble. Having spiritual leaders is a good thing, but Jesus is the one who anoints. I realize that fear and shame caused me to believe that time in prayer and in the Word might not be enough. Jesus is enough!

I want to encourage you even now to seek Jesus. He is the anointing. Ask him to give you victory over all works of darkness. I believe we will begin to see a rise in deliverance ministers, as more Christians take time to draw closer to the deliverer.

Get ready, fear and shame is breaking off of the church. Repent, and invite Jesus to take you deeper.

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Aaron Rios is a musician, author, and pastor, who serves on the North Shore of Beverly, MA, outside of Boston, who has a contagious passion for encouraging, equipping, and inspiring believers to pursue their kingdom destiny for the cause of Christ.

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