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Satish took pride in his duties as a village priest. He strongly adhered to the traditional religion and made sure his children knew all the rituals and customs. He even took his 12-year-old son, Gupjan, with him to the religious festivals so he could learn how to offer the sometimes-bloody sacrifices that would please their gods.

But one day, after returning from the temple, Gupjan began acting strangely and complained of a headache that wouldn’t go away.

Satish immediately knew an evil spirit possessed his son. The only way to rid him of the demon would be to take him to the local wizard—or so Satish thought.

Both he and the wizard performed rituals according to their beliefs, but Gupjan’s condition only got worse. The boy’s speech became slurred, and he was partially paralyzed.

Satish and the wizard continued offering sacrifices on Gupjan’s behalf, although they could clearly see it was doing no good.

Persistence Prevails

?The news of Gupjan’s problems reached the ears of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Thevan.

Thevan approached the family, eager to help and pray, but when he began sharing God’s Word, Satish adamantly refused to listen—he hated Christianity.

Thevan left Satish’s house disappointed, but his concern for the young boy prompted him to pray fervently for the Lord to open a way for him to reach out to the family.

When a group of women from a nearby Women’s Fellowship came to visit Thevan and his church, he explained Gupjan’s situation to them. They decided they would try again and visit Satish once more.

Satish became upset when he saw the missionary and the women at his door. But these believers weren’t giving up. They promised they would leave after they prayed for Gupjan. Finally, Satish consented and led them to his son.

As Pastor Thevan and the sisters prayed for Gupjan, the young boy screamed from the pain and anguish he felt within his body as the evil spirit fought to maintain control over him. After an hour of prayer, God delivered Gupjan from the steely grip of Satan.

He Refused to Believe?

Even then, Satish remained rebellious toward Jesus, not believing that the power of prayer in Jesus’ name had healed his young boy. He witnessed his son’s health return and watched as Gupjan talked, played and moved around—something he was not able to do under the demon’s possession—yet he refused to believe.

Days later, he took his son to another festival and let him perform the sacrifices. Again Gupjan came under demonic influence, but this time it was much worse.

Satish and the family felt helpless. Although they know of God’s healing power, they are refusing to let Thevan pray for Gupjan again. Meanwhile, the 12-year-old boy still remains in Satan’s grip.

Pastor Thevan asks people to pray for Gupjan to be forever delivered from the evil attacks and for his whole family to surrender to the saving grace of Christ’s love.

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