Believer’s Burial Wishes Enrage Villagers

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When Krishna Maya Pariyar died last week, her fellow believers tried
to carry out her wish to be buried on her own land. But this caused
major problems for the people in Krishna’s village.

They adhere to their
traditional religion, which mandates cremation as the only proper
ritual. The people in this village were upset that Krishna had turned
her back on their traditional gods to worship Jesus, in both her life
and in her death.

The people believed that if they could cremate, rather than bury
Krishna, she would once again receive favor from her gods. So they
confronted the Christians who were planning Krishna’s burial.

“They told us that if we tried to bury her, they would destroy the
church,” said Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Prem Rai Rangon. He
was also Krishna’s pastor.

So Prem and his congregation left Krishna’s body in her home for
three days while he and other GFA-supported pastors tried to work out a
peaceable agreement to the conflict.

Finally, the police intervened and told Prem that Krishna could be
buried, but not on her land. Instead they told the Christians to bury
their departed sister near a river, which was a two-hour walk from their

Finally, five days after she died, Krishna’s body was laid to rest in
this alternate spot. But the trouble is not over for Prem and his

The villagers are still angry at the Christians. They blame the
believers for causing a disruption in the harmony of their community.
Some of the more vocal anti-Christians in the village again confronted
Prem and told him he had one week to get his congregation out of their
village. The extremists threatened to tear down the church building if
the Christians continue meeting.

The church meets in a rented house, and the landlord is worried his
property will be demolished. He told Prem and the other believers they
could no longer use the house for worship.

Prem is asking for prayer that God will give them wisdom and strength
to encourage the affected believers and to continue being a bold
witness in the area.

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