Seeing Daughter’s Miracle Healing, Godless Man Asks, ‘Can I Become a Christian?’

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Ganesh and Priyala

Seven-year-old Priyala rested on her bed so motionless you would think she was dead. A fever, cough and stomach pains had taken over her body. Her mother, Marala, hated to stand idly by, not willing to give up her daughter.

Priyala had attended the local Bridge of Hope center, and Marala knew, from everything her precious daughter had told her, that the staff were people who prayed. So she asked them to pray for her daughter. When they came to her home at the end of the day, Priyala’s father, Ganesh, turned them away, telling them he did not believe in any gods; he only believed in his forefather’s spirit. The staff asked Ganesh to at least take his daughter to the hospital.

When they left, Ganesh turned on his wife and beat her for asking them to come and pray. All this time, Marala cared for Priyala and her younger sister by working in the fields. Ganesh also worked in the fields and earned enough to care for his family, but instead of using the money to care for them, he spent it all on alcohol and gambling.

Priyala’s condition worsened over the next month. Ganesh never took her to a hospital, and now their daughter could not even open her eyes.

One day, while Ganesh was not at home, Marala seized the opportunity to go to the Bridge of Hope center and ask the staff once more to come pray for her daughter. This time the staff went to her home immediately. They encouraged Marala to trust in Jesus and prayed for Priyala’s healing.

The Bridge of Hope staff visited again the next day and stayed longer, praying for several hours. Ganesh was home that time, but he did not stop the prayer. He recognized that Priyala’s condition was improving as a result of their prayers. She could now open her eyes and no longer had a fever.

The Bridge of Hope staff visited four more times to pray for Priyala, watching as God gradually healed her.

When Priyala was completely healed, Ganesh recognized the one true God and completely stopped drinking alcohol and gambling. He later went with his wife to the Bridge of Hope center.

“Can I become a Christian?” he asked the staff with tears in his eyes. “Will your God accept me?”

After the staff shared the Good News of Jesus, Ganesh and his family opened their hearts to Jesus. Now they pray regularly, thanking God for His provisions.

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