Why Democrats Are Terrified of Losing Ground After Mueller Report

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Steve Strang

Recently, I wrote about how Christians need to be ready for the spiritual warfare coming in the aftermath of the Mueller report. After Robert Mueller’s 22-month-long investigation, he came to the conclusion that Donald Trump’s campaign administration did not collude with the Russians. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they were banking on the Trump campaign’s guilt, and now they seem terrified of losing ground.

I had the privilege to talk about this on the “Heidi Harris Show.” You can listen to the entire interview on my “Strang Report” podcast by clicking here or scrolling to the end of this article. On the podcast, I told Harris that we as a nation may be on the verge of a huge revival, but if Christians want to see that happen, we don’t have a moment to lose.

I believe a lot of the left’s vicious attacks against Trump have their roots in spiritual warfare. Of course, spiritual battles are always raging, not just when things are difficult. But the outlandish—and unfounded—allegations against Trump prove the battle is more intense than ever.

If you don’t believe me, just look at how the Democrats have tried every means possible to oust Trump. To my knowledge, never in the history of America has a group of people in the government tried to take down a sitting president with a made-up charge. Their allegations were, at best, wishful thinking and, at worst, outright lies. But even as that battle rages on a national level, we know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have abundant life (John 10:10).

I haven’t shared this widely, but when the president called me about Trump Aftershock, I told him I had been defending him on the media. (This was in the throes of the Stormy Daniels accusations.) Trump responded by saying, “You don’t need to defend me. I didn’t do anything with that woman.”

And yet the media is determined to portray him as a horrible person. I will admit that Trump has his flaws, but so does every president who has ever served this country. And furthermore, many conservative Christians didn’t like Winston Churchill because he drank and smoked cigars, but God still used him to accomplish His purpose in World War II. And Harris pointed out during our conversation that many of the Founding Fathers would be considered scandalous in our modern day with their bold stances against what they believed was tyranny and foolishness.

I can’t help but agree with her. And on top of that, it seems hypocritical for the left to bemoan Trump’s flaws when their favorite politicians are knee-deep in corruption. Trump was certainly not my first choice for Republican nominee. But when it came down between him and Hillary Clinton—whom I consider the most corrupt person ever to run for president—I knew I had to support Trump.

I write more about this in God and Donald Trump. As I show in the book, God took a very flawed man and put him in place as president so he could turn our country back in the right direction. In my sequel, Trump Aftershock, I detail Trump’s accomplishments in fulfilling this calling, including strengthening the economy, defending unborn life, protecting religious liberty and supporting Israel.

I have full confidence that Jesus can take this mess our country has created and turn it around. In the late 1960s it seemed like an entire generation was going to hell with its incessant depravity. But then God ignited what today we call the the Jesus Movement, and countless people came to Christ. Even Time magazine wrote about it June 21, 1971, in a cover story called “The Jesus Revolution.”

But in order for God to bring that kind of revival again, Christians can’t waste any time. Although most of us can’t affect the direction of the government from the top, anyone who is passionate about God’s will for the U.S. can effect change on a grass-roots level. We can speak up when we hear lies, we can write letters to the editor in print and online publications, and above all, we can pray.

I believe things in our nation are beginning to shift, and if you think so too, I encourage you to share this article and listen to my podcast below!

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