Trump Impeachment Is Clear Example of Spiritual Warfare—What Can Christians Do?

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Steve Strang

It’s clear that the impeachment hearings going on in Washington, D.C., are an example of spiritual warfare. The attacks against Trump have the enemy’s schemes written all over them. For that reason, I am calling on all Christians across the nation to pray.

The Democrats have been trying to impeach Donald Trump since he was inaugurated—when he hadn’t even done anything yet! Their current case rests on two very flimsy accusations: abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The left has tried to find all sorts of crimes against Trump, but each time they bring up a new accusation, it’s been found to be untrue.

How can you explain this? I believe there has been a spiritual hedge of protection around this president. In my book God and Donald Trump, I quote Mike Huckabee, who said any other president would have been in a fetal position under his desk with the kind of opposition Trump has received. The left’s resistance and attacks have been enough to make anyone else resign under the pressure.

But Trump is a fighter. I believe the hedge of protection around him that I mentioned before is a direct result of the countless prayers Christians have offered up for him.

Those prayers don’t automatically mean Trump can’t be impeached, though. There is still a slight chance that, now that these articles of impeachment have passed in the House, they’ll also pass in the Senate, where they go next. Now, the Senate will be much more difficult for Democrats to pass the impeachment articles. The bar to pass in the Senate is 67 votes, and I truly don’t think they will get that number.

The problem is that the Democrats are taking anything Trump does that they don’t like and calling it either “abuse of power” or “obstruction of justice.” Some have said that if he wins re-election, the Democrats will just try to impeach him again.

I hope the American people get so fed up with this garbage that they finally speak out and vote the Democrats out of the House. I hope and pray that the Republicans will get the House of Representatives back.

And I sincerely hope I’m not the only one praying for this. This is a crucial time in which Christians across the United States must rise up and intercede for our nation and president. The attacks against him are not only nasty but illogical too. We have to see this situation from a spiritual perspective.

In my new book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election, I quote several prophets—going all the way back to Kim Clement in around 2007—who prophesied about God raising up Trump. Clement said God was raising up Trump to be a disrupter. (And he definitely has lived up to that prophetic calling!)

Back when Clement declared this word, Trump had not yet emerged on the political scene. And yet Clement prophesied he would win two terms. Because of that, I personally believe Trump will win the 2020 election.

And yet the upcoming election is not a slam-dunk—not at all. There is still a chance Trump could lose. If Christians hang back in the shadows, that’s exactly what will happen. There is much at stake if Trump loses.

Because of that, Christians must speak out and vote. Don’t stay at home when your voice is needed. Use your right to vote to take a stand for righteousness and justice. Encourage your Christian friends to vote for biblical principles instead of just listening to what the leftist media tells them.

Listen to my podcast today, where I dive deeper into this subject and examine how Christians must respond to the raging spiritual warfare present in the Trump impeachment.

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