Shocking New Poll Shows 62% of New Hampshire Democrats Prefer Meteor Strike Over Trump Reelection

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Steve Strang

If anyone doubts that there is spiritual warfare going on in our politics, they clearly missed the results of a new poll. The study of 400 Democrats and Independents in New Hampshire shows that 62% would prefer that a meteor strike earth and wipe out all human life over Donald Trump being reelected as president.

I was shocked when I saw this. This is, first of all, a ridiculous question to have on a survey. In fact, it sounded so unscholarly that I wondered if this was a hoax at first. But when I saw the many news sites that have reported on this poll, I realized it was real. Secondly, I’m surprised so many people voted for what is essentially suicide simply because they hate Trump so much.

This is demonic. I have no other word to describe the notion that someone would rather die and have others die instead of vote for Trump. The poll responses were split between Democrats (64% of whom voted for a meteor) and Independents (58% of whom voted for a meteor). This is insanity.

Granted, perhaps the question and the responses to it were hyperbole. But even if it is, it still sheds light on how far left some parts of our nation have gone. New Hampshire is set to pick their Democratic nominee, and I’m convinced it will be Bernie Sanders. Sanders calls himself a Democratic socialist, but he’s basically a communist. If you listen to him speak about his values and the systems he wants to set in place, you can clearly see how communism affects his worldview.

I often say that socialists are just communists without guns. They know they can’t or don’t want to take over the country with violence and a military, so they try to infiltrate and change the nation from the inside. And before you say I’m a conspiracy theorist, Project Veritas did three different videos about this very issue. I only watched one of them, but in it, people talk about putting Trump supporters in internment camps for re-education. Who would have thought that people would allow their morals to degrade in such a way simply because they don’t like their president?

On top of this, the Democrats seem to be in total disarray. We saw what happened in Iowa, where they couldn’t even count the votes. There’s reason to believe that the party machine did something under the radar to try to overcome Sanders because they don’t want someone as radical as him. They know that if the country has to choose between a radical socialist and Trump, they will again choose Trump. Because of this, it’s almost as though there’s a civil war among themselves. I believe this is why there’s no clear frontrunner.

But they’re united in one thing—their hatred for Trump. How else can you explain 62% preferring a meteor strike and human extinction over Trump’s reelection?

I recently interviewed an end-times expert named Tom Horn, who believes that prophecies in Revelation and scientific data point to a giant meteor striking the earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. The Bible describes this meteor, referred to as a star called “Wormwood,” as mountains crashing into the ocean, Horn says. If you haven’t read my article about that interview, you can do so here.

Isn’t it interesting that secular people would repudiate Christians speculating about a meteor in biblical prophecy, and people of similar values would then vote for a meteor strike?

Christians must respond to this ludicrous poll with intense prayer and action. As we cry out to God for our nation, we also need to vote and encourage others to do the same. Listen to my podcast today, where I dissect this poll and what it means more in depth, and share this article with someone!

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