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Reports of Supernatural Healing, Revivals in Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak - Charisma Magazine Online

Reports of Supernatural Healing, Revivals in Midst of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Steve Strang

Whenever you turn on the news, you’re bound to hear something about the coronavirus right now. Some say it’s not as big a deal as it’s made out to be, while others are sounding the alarm that it’s even worse than is being reported. But what the media isn’t telling you is how the coronavirus is affecting the church—and how God is moving in mighty ways even through the outbreak.

As dangerous as this virus is, it’s no match for the power of the Holy Spirit. Recently, I interviewed Dennis Balcombe, a missionary to China for the past 40 years. He shared some incredible insights into what God is doing through His people, including the sick coming for healing and people running to churches for hope.

I also recently had an eye-opening interview with Pastor Frank Amedia, whose ministry, POTUS Shield, has a close alliance with the Christian community in China. Amedia’s sources, whom he believes are reliable, can confirm Bolcombe’s report. Amedia has been on my Strang Report podcast many times, offering prophetic and spiritual insight into our culture. This time, he sheds light on what God is doing in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’ve had reports of Christians being healed of this virus by the power of God and the healing of God,” he says. “My sources tell me the same thing, whenever there is this kind of a problem—like there was with SARS.”

Amedia says the coronavirus is the third plague to hit China in the span of this generation. He points out that when the people can’t rely on their government, they look for help elsewhere—and that’s when the church has the opportunity to shine brightly with the gospel.

“We’re being told that people are coming in swarms to churches, house churches, that there’s gospel and evangelism going out in the streets, person to person, that there’s supernatural healing.”

In our interview, Amedia also shared some other shocking things about the coronavirus that the media isn’t reporting. As of right now, the virus has reportedly killed more than 1,700 people and infected over 71,000. But Amedia doesn’t believe those numbers are true. According to Amedia’s sources, the numbers of deaths and infections are much higher than media outlets are portraying. In fact, he says the number of deaths is allegedly in the tens of thousands.

“What we’re hearing is that while this was being kept suppressed by the government of China, people were dying in Wuhan, which is the capital of the Hubei province in the central area of the industrial area of China,” Amedia says.

“… We are told that people were dying before it was even admitted. The hospitals didn’t know what to do with them. They told them to return home, to stay in their homes, and they were dying. And most of the widespread stories we’re getting is that many of them were cremated quickly—some cremated and not even identified for their families, who are still looking for people. They just didn’t deal with it appropriately.”

Neither is the virus restricted to Wuhan, as some may report, Amedia says. Instead, it’s spread to the four corners of China, and there are actually quarantines in many areas. Amedia says this isn’t just something his Christian sources are telling him, but also his industrial sources such as businessmen.

The doctor who discovered the virus, who Amedia says was a Christian, brought his concerns about the coronavirus to the attention of the government in late December. In response, the government arrested him and seven other scientists and forced them to sign documents stating that they were wrong. That doctor has since died from the virus.

Now, though, Amedia says there is record of over 2 million Chinese signatures that were requesting transparency, truth and free speech in China.

But where did this virus even come from? Amedia says it did not come from a marketplace as was previously thought. Instead, he believes it came from a P4 laboratory, which was located about 20 miles from the marketplace that was originally believed to be the starting point for the virus.

“These are high-level, bio-safety, viral laboratories,” he says. “… This laboratory was established in a joint venture between the French government starting back in 2004 as a response to the SARS [virus] so that the Chinese government would have a research lab for humanitarian purposes and to develop vaccines.”

But the French backed out of that joint venture a few years ago when they found out the Chinese had taken and replicated this laboratory, Amedia says, using it for privately owned businesses. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is speaking out about this, though some label his words a conspiracy theory. According to Amedia, the Chinese ambassador is not denying that it could have come out of this lab, which surprised the White House.

Will the public ever know what really caused the coronavirus? Will the full truth ever come out? We might never know, but God can still continue to move powerfully through this horrible situation. That’s why Christians around the world must keep praying for this virus to be contained and eliminated. But we must also pray that in response to this frightening epidemic, people will keep flocking to Jesus Christ and create a revival in China.

Will you join me in prayer? Be sure to listen to my full interview with Amedia to hear the many more details he shares about this coronavirus.

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