Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Shares 3 Practical Applications to ‘The Return of the Gods’

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It’s been four months since “Return of the Gods” hit shelves across America, and hundreds of thousands of spiritual eyes have opened to the supernatural war happening in Western culture as we know it today.

Although the ancient truths lying in the pages can be overwhelming, it’s prompted a spiritual awakening to fight back against the pagan gods that have engulfed Western culture entirely. I sat down with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn for a follow-up interview on my Strang Report podcast.

We breakdown Scripture, the power of the church and the role we each play in spreading the light of Jesus. We are watching biblical events play out before our eyes and we have the opportunity to be a part of God’s will for the earth.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12, that when a demonic spirit goes out of a man it looks for somewhere else to go. When the spirit can’t find another host and it goes back to the man and finds the house clean and empty, it brings back seven other spirits with it.

“He’s not just talking about one person,” Cahn says, referencing Jesus’ parable to the disciples. “Generations, or cultures and civilizations can also be possessed with spirits and they can be delivered.”

Behind these pagan gods talked about in the “Return of the Gods” are demonic spirits. Cahn says America and the West as a whole are experiencing a repossession. This is the aftermath of turning away from God and opening the door to the ancient world, now seven times stronger.

Does the church today have the power to exorcise these spirits?

When you look at the vociferous LGBTQ agenda being forced upon children, it can be daunting to know what you are supposed to do. According to the Bible the same power that rose Jesus Christ from the dead dwells in us.

“We have the power of Jesus but at the same time it’s also linked to a culture. We have a gigantic culture,” Cahn says. The key for all individual believers is to make sure you are set free from the bondage of the world.

This civilization needs deliverance and a massive move of the Holy Spirit to cleanse the pagan gods out.

“The light is still more powerful than the dark, but for that to happen with a civilization there has to be hearts among the unsaved, those under the influence,” Cahn says.

What part do we play?

Spread the light of Jesus, shine the gospel and do not be intimidated. People are waking up to the supernatural war taking place which is the first step towards deliverance.

“If you’re in a fight and you don’t know what you are fighting, you likely aren’t going to win. Or, if you’re in a fight and you don’t know the power you have,” Cahn says.

Three keys for you to focus on today:

  1. Get any sin out of your life.
  2. Stand against the enemy.
  3. Go all out for God in the power of God. “People always pray they can live in biblical times, well congrats this is biblical times,” Cahn says.

Tune in to the full episode of the “Strang Report” to hear more in-depth from Cahn about the symbolism of the rainbow and it’s true meaning in God. You can also purchase his book “Return of the Gods” to learn how to prepare and fight back against the demonic spirits.

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