Over 16,000 Commit to Save Souls as Revival Fire Sweeps Across Europe

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Steve Strang

This past week, I’ve been sharing with you encouraging stories of revival from exclusive interviews with evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne. In our final podcast about his Europe Ablaze Tour, Howard-Browne told me that he visited 43 cities to minister in the power of God, and 40,309 people participated. But what stood out to me the most was that over 16,000 people from all different walks of life committed to bring souls into the kingdom of heaven.

Howard-Browne also told me in this interview—which you can listen to here or at the end of this article—that he was originally believing God for 100 people per city to commit to evangelism. But the success he is seeing across Europe makes him think his ministry is on track to get 100,000 commitments by the end of 2020—double what he first expected.

“So when the people are there [at the altar], we lead them to Christ,” he says. “There are a lot of people, obviously who make decisions [to accept Jesus], but then there are also a lot of people reconvening or coming in to make sure. Then we pray for the baptism of the holy Spirit and for the fire of God to fall on them. And then we begin to talk about how now that they’ve received this power, how many of them … will commit to allow God to use them to win souls.”

As soon as he asks this question, hands shoot up in the air, Howard-Browne tells me. So they do a 20-minute evangelism training right there. He makes sure to tell them that there’s no one right way to share the gospel, but be sure to “tell people about Jesus everywhere you go and let your voice be heard.”

Howard-Browne says he tries to avoid ministering at the international churches in these European nations because he has a strong desire to reach the locals. He found one such church in Murcia, Spain. The church he visited has about 80 members, and its sister church has around 100. But over 600 people from all over Spain showed up the night Howard-Browne ministered.

“The fire of God hit,” he says of that Spanish church. “People were mobilized. People committed to win the lost.”

From Spain, Howard-Browne traveled to Ambilly, France, where he met with a pastor who wanted to plant hundreds of churches. The two men talked about Spirit-led strategies to see France shaken with the gospel.

But then, Howard-Browne arrived at Fier, Albania, a predominantly Muslim country. Albania had its own form of communism even though it wasn’t part of the former Soviet Union. Now, Howard-Browne says, mafias have taken over the country.

“And then I found out that George Soros is behind a lot of the stuff going on there,” he says. “You can just see his finger all over the people and the nations, which is a crazy thing. But the precious people—if you remember, Mother Teresa was an Albanian nun. So you can just picture these precious Albanian people receiving the fire of the Holy Ghost. It was just awesome.”

But he says Riga, Latvia, blew him away. He and the pastor of the church in Riga went to a church and met with 22 heads of government, including people from the E.U., people running for president and people from the Bundestag.

The meeting that was supposed to last an hour and a half ended up being 4 1/2 hours.

“They asked me, ‘Could you help us put together a whole human rights movement for the church?'” Howard-Browne tells me. “They said, ‘In Europe, the church’s rights are being taken away.’ I said, ‘Yes, of course.’ By the time I finished the trip, we would have been in 32 countries, so if I hook up all the pastors of these churches, and we helped put together a Human Rights Commission; we can put together a whole group to go to the world court in The Hague and stand up for the body of Christ. So that’s what’s happening on a grass-roots level.”

I’m thrilled to hear this encouraging eyewitness report. And I’m thankful that evangelists like Howard-Browne don’t get stuck in the past revivals they experienced but instead press forward for what God has in store. As I’ve been following Howard-Browne over the years—really, ever since I met him in the 1990s at the Lakeland revival—I’ve noticed he is on the cutting edge of what the Holy Spirit is doing.

To hear many more exciting stories of what God is doing in Europe, listen to my entire interview with Howard-Browne below.

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