New Video of Advanced Hologram Points to Antichrist’s Future Technological System

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Steve Strang

Technology is changing our lives in many ways. Many of these changes are helpful to our jobs, our medical care and even our spiritual growth. But is there something else going on that ties into God’s plan for the end of time—and maybe even the Antichrist?

End-times expert Mark Biltz says yes. In his new book, Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times, he unpacks the system the Bible describes the Antichrist setting up in the last days. He recently shared with me a video Microsoft released this year about artificial intelligence. I found it quite enlightening.

A woman with Azure Technologies and Microsoft Network reveals a hologram that resembles her appearance and copies her voice almost exactly. But her hologram can speak languages she doesn’t even know. You can watch the video in this article.

Special effects and green screens have been around for a long time, but this technological advancement is truly incredible. But what are a hologram’s ramifications when it comes to the Antichrist? In a recent interview, Biltz answered this question. (Click here or click on the podcast icon in this article to listen to our interview.)

“The Antichrist could project this image all around the world in cities, speaking every local language, and at the same time telling everyone it’s time to bow down to him and worship him,” Biltz says. “Here the technology is available, where it’s a hologram that is speaking with one person’s voice in multiple languages at one time, asking everyone to worship.”

Biltz says a Japanese-speaking woman in his congregation watched the video and said the Japanese the hologram spoke was mostly correct. When translating into another language, some nuances will always be lost, but this woman told Biltz that the Japanese was very close to what the presenter was saying.

“[Technological advancements] are happening so fast,” Biltz says. “I really believe that next year, we’re going to see things just coming down like we have never seen before. And with the advances in facial recognition like they have in China—and it’s happening in airports all around the world, even here in the United States—can you imagine? With facial recognition, they could find out, when the image appears, who is bowing down and who’s not bowing down. So we are quickly closing into these last days.”

Some are even toying with the idea of technology reading people’s thoughts. I can only imagine how an anti-Christian dictatorial government could use that kind of technology to expose and punish believers.

“My point is that technology is here and, just like the internet, can be used for good or bad,” Biltz says. “… And my mission is to try to wake the church up. There are a lot of people out there winning the lost, but I’m trying to win the church, just to wake us up. Even the apostle Paul said, ‘Look, you’re still on milk; you need to be on meat.’ And I’m afraid so many churches are so seeker-friendly that many people haven’t the ability anymore to discern what’s actually going on.”

To learn more about how the Antichrist can use artificial intelligence to further his agenda in the end times, be sure to listen to my full interview with Biltz. You can also buy his book Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times by clicking here.

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