Mario Murillo Says Post-Election Church Must ‘Find Its Moral Spine,’ ‘Get to the Bottom of Corruption’

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Steve Strang

Evangelist and author Mario Murillo isn’t a politician, nor does he pretend to be one. He has spent much of his life traveling the globe to share the gospel of Christ. But back in 2012, the Lord told him to begin a blog about political issues, and he obeyed.

That blog at mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com has now had more than 12.5 million readers, and God continues to use Murillo to speak unvarnished truth to today’s believers. More than ever in this post-election season, Murillo says, the church must expose the corruption and allow God to take us beyond what he calls a “Red Sea moment” and into the promised land of last-days intimacy with Him.

“I’m telling people right now that the church is divided against itself,” Murillo says. “And one of the reasons that I believe the church was in worse shape before the pandemic than they are now is because we had no idea how wimpy and divided and disconnected from reality the church was. Many, many leaders wanted a big church; they were willing to make some costly mistakes in order to change from reforming a culture to having a large empire.

“And sadly, one of the things that messed us up is what Bonhoeffer said: ‘If you want to understand how Hitler came to power … it was cheap grace,'” Murillo says. “Now the cheap grace message set up the American Christian on a very specific level. It wasn’t so much that they believed they could enjoy forgiveness without repentance, which is utterly wrong. It was another thing. It was the idea that from this point on, nothing that I find uncomfortable has to be from God because of His grace. So the issue of consequence went out the window. And so [pastors] saw that if preaching sin to America is uncomfortable, I won’t do it, because of grace. If identifying a network of corruption, and exposing it the way Finney said that the pulpit should—if it’s uncomfortable, I won’t do it.”

Murillo says this concept of cheap grace has led to the church’s lack of engagement with the governmental mountain. “We had no political involvement, because we didn’t sense danger,” he says. “And sensing danger was something that didn’t go with the image of the new God, the Father who was so into us that he had compromised every one of His attributes in order to appeal to us. So we had no heart for war. Here we are right now. … We’re at the Red Sea. And some Christians are saying, ‘Well, let’s just side with Biden and let this go. And let’s not investigate.’ We’re looking bad to the world, because they don’t have a clue what’s at stake. They’re saying, ‘Oh, well, you know, in four years, Trump could run again.’ Well, right now we’re having the weasel guard the chicken coop. And the fact is, we don’t know what we’re going to look like in four years—if there’ll be anything for Trump to save.

“So the point is, it’s now or never,” Murrillo says. “Now is when the church has to find its moral spine, stand up with one voice and say, ‘Let’s get to the bottom of these votes. Let’s get to the bottom of the corruption. Let’s expose and find out whether or not Joe Biden—who in no version of reality is an American president—should be exposed, the whole thing, now. And the church that doesn’t have a heart for this has to at least get out of the way.”

Murillo says the church’s laissez-faire attitude is at fault, but God has promised protection for the righteous. “Jesus said to the Laodicean church, ‘You believe you don’t need anything,'” Murillo explains. “We had years of that; we had years of becoming experts in marketing, planning, multi-campusing, all of this stuff. But we did not preach the counsel of God to America. So therefore, in Revelation 3, God said, ‘You’re poor, miserable, blind and naked, and you don’t know it.’ Then He said, ‘I stand at the door and knock.’

“That’s what everyone listening has got to listen for is that knock. … This is the paradox of the hour,” Murillo adds. “God is affording us an intimacy with Him that has not been available to prior generations. God is saying, ‘Just as they are delving into dramatic evil and wickedness, you can enjoy intimacy and righteousness with God, and a peace that passes understanding.’ But not if we don’t open the door. We have to open the door, and He will come in. And all of these tremendous blessings of the last days will be unfolded.”

To hear more from Mario Murillo on how what the church must do to rise up and speak for God in this crucial hour, listen to the entire episode of the Strang Report podcast at this link. Be sure to like and share my podcast on iTunes and at cpnshows.com with the many who, as Murillo says, need to wake up and join the battle. {eoa}

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