How Jews for Jesus Courageously Battles Religious Persecution in Many Dangerous Areas of the World

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Steve Strang

Of the many friendships I have developed with ministry leaders over the years, one of the ones I really cherish is that of Susan Perlman, one of the co-founders of Jews for Jesus. I truly admire the work that she and her organization have done around the world, especially in places where it is dangerous—if not deadly—to express your faith in Jesus Christ.

Perlman and the team at Jews for Jesus have shown a great deal of courage in regions such as parts of the former Soviet Union, where they have brought the gospel to people who are not only hungry for a better life but who are also seeking a chance at the afterlife Jesus promises in the Bible.

If it weren’t for organizations like Jews for Jesus, those people may not ever hear about the gospel. And as we all know from 2 Peter 3:9 (MEV), it is God’s will for none to perish but for all to come to repentance.

You can hear more about the work of Susan Perlman and Jews for Jesus on another recent episode of the Strang Report.

For the safety of the people involved, Perlman says she cannot divulge any specific countries involved in the persecution of these individuals, many of whom are Jews. However, Jews for Jesus is doing what it can to bring them the gospel of Christ.

“We have a work in one city where there has been a lot of unrest, unfair beatings of people and taking them into prison and then just releasing them,” Perlman says. “What we’ve done in a lot of those situations is we’ve ministered to the people who have been beaten up. We have one ministry leader who told me about how a lot of family members will come to the jail when the family members have been arrested for just being forthright believers in Jesus and sharing their faith.

“Or, they may be protesting unfair government practices that are going on,” she adds. “We’ll provide hot drinks or some kind of hospitality for the family members who are out there. Many times, these family members are Jewish, and we have an opportunity to talk to them about the Lord in the process.”

Perlman told me that Jews for Jesus ministers in one specific country where people protested illegal elections. In the process, they were arrested and beaten up. Some were beaten so badly that they had to visit the hospital before they were transported to jail.

Imagine if something like that happened in this country, where many are still questioning and even protesting the result of our last presidential election.

“There are parts of the former Soviet Union where you cannot publicly preach the gospel without it being against the law; they will get arrested” Perlman says. “Our people are so courageous to be out there sharing their faith and ministering to others who are being hurt and maligned for, not just their faith, but for just standing up for simple freedom and rights that we take for granted sometimes here in this country.”

So when people support the work of Jews for Jesus, as I and my wife, Joy, have done for a number of years, you are really supporting, in a way, these things that are kind of unseen in different parts of the world. And it’s not just the former Soviet Union, but other parts of the world. That’s why I would encourage you to support this wonderful ministry. Who knows, you may just be saving lives in the process.

If you would like to contact Susan or support her as we do, you can email [email protected].

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