How a God-Given Dream Led to a Gripping Christian Adventure Novel

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Steve Strang

Sometimes when believers receive prophetic dreams, they journal about their experience. But author Lynn Moffett turned her dream from God into a novel! Lynn says she’s not a prophet but that God does give her dreams at times. Often God shows her things through these dreams. But the dream that led to her novel was different.

One night in 2010, Lynn dreamed that soldiers wearing white camouflage were moving stealthily in the night, rounding Christians up and forcing them to give up their beliefs.

“I had the dream, I woke up, but the dream never went away,” she says. “Most dreams that I have fade quickly. But this one stayed with me. And then in about 2012, I realized that I needed to write a novel. And that’s how I started working on it.”

Before this, Lynn had written three novels. But she stopped writing when she started working full time. After having that dream, though, Lynn knew God was calling her to start writing again. And it wasn’t easy. She says it took her two years to write her first novel based on that dream. It’s called Incursion.

That book starts off very much like her dream—an older woman is having her time of devotion in her cabin in the mountains when she sees soldiers approach her home. They break down her door and take her into custody along with 600 other townspeople. The soldiers attempt to brainwash the people, threatening to take those who oppose them to camps.

“It’s much like the Japanese invasion in World War II,” Lynn says. “So the first book takes them through this time in the town, and there’s this group called the watchmen. And the watchmen are watching what’s going on in the world and how that might affect their town. And they determine to free all these prisoners.”

I won’t spoil the end for you, but the adventure doesn’t end with this novel. Lynn wrote three other books that are part of the same series—Conspiracy, Glimpse Into Evil and Lawless Revealed.

Lynn says her readers often ask her to continue the series because they’ve grown so attached to the characters. And I can understand why. Lynn’s stories are absolutely gripping. In fact, you can find out more about them by clicking here.

Make sure you listen to my full interview with Lynn. She shares some compelling insights that will inspire you to start journaling your dreams!

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