Hank Kunneman: A Nation Filled With Glory Means Change and Shift

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Steve Strang

What does a nation look like that’s filled with God’s glory? If you’re like me, you’d love to know the answer to that question.

Prophet, pastor and popular television host Hank Kunneman has an understanding of this topic that came straight from God Himself. A vision the Lord gave him in 2016 provides some fascinating insights into what God is doing in our nation today. Hank says the U.S. has been going through something we can all see, a time of deep cleansing, but that it’s also a time of radical change and shift.

On a recent episode of The Strang Report podcast, Hank and I discussed what the Lord has shown him. He said he was taking a walk with his dogs back in 2016 when what looked like a spinning cloud appeared in the distance. As it approached, he realized it was the presence of the Lord.

“When God comes, whether it’s in my church or in my time of prayer, I recognize: This is the Lord,” Hank said. “And I was so overcome by His presence.” He went to his knees, and he said, “I heard the voice of the Lord as if He were standing right by me.”

God gave Hank four points that he expands upon in our podcast interview, but I want to share the significant word about God’s glory because of the crisis our nation finds itself in today. Hank said God asked him the same question we started with: What does a nation look like filled with glory?

Hank told Him, “God, I don’t know. I’ve never been asked that question. I don’t know how to answer You. I don’t think anybody knows how to answer that.”

But God, of course, knew the answer. He told Hank, “What does a nation look like filled with glory? This is what I’m doing,” Hank said. “And He spoke to me at that time, and He said this is why He was placing President Trump in that place.”

God told Hank when a nation is filled with glory, “everything begins to change and shift,” he said.

Hank asked the Lord for a biblical analogy, and he received it. “God said, ‘Remember in Matthew 17 when Jesus was transfigured?’ Hank explained. “Even that word ‘transfigured’ is a word that means ‘change.’ The glory of God came upon the Son of God so much that His face shone; His body, which represents the body of Christ, was filled with that same glory. The disciples were so afraid, just as I was in that visitation, that they hid their faces. But notice: Glory and change took place,” he said.

Hank points to the recent chaos our nation has witnessed with riots and other events that seem out of control. But his prophetic insight gave him a unique perspective. “It’s a sign that God’s glory is touching this earth, and that the earth is responding to it,” he told me.

“You say, ‘Well, how do you know that?'” Hank said. “Notice the visitation was in 2016. And you have to pay attention to 2016. Because the number 16 or six in the Hebrew is the word waw, and it literally means ‘the convergence between heaven and earth.’ That’s why on the sixth day, God created man. Notice, He created man in His image, the convergence of God and man, or the earth. Jesus, His first miracle was six waterpots, a convergence of six waterpots, water and the supernatural, that turned it into new wine.”

And Hank had yet another insight to share. “So 2016 was the convergence. It’s why we’re still fighting … against hell, with people who do not like Donald Trump, do not like his agenda from Day One. Before that, they tried to remove him from office, keep him from office. They’re not settled with him being in office, because God chose that man at this time to bring about a convergence of heaven, touching this earth and touching our governments, our politics, our nation, our Supreme Court, our laws, our children and so on and so forth. And so things begin to change.”

Hank had many more prophetic insights to share with us, so I hope you’ll tune in to this entire episode of The Strang Report podcast to hear them. Be sure to like, subscribe and share this podcast as well as this article with friends and family who need to hear more about what God is doing. Even when things seem chaotic on the outside, we know He is always at work, and we know He has good plans for His people. {eoa}

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