France’s Strict COVID-19 Laws Are a Clear Picture of What America Must Avoid Becoming

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Steve Strang

Across the United States, governors are ordering people to stay at home. Some states are even not allowing churches to meet, even though several pastors are saying it’s their constitutional right to do so. While some stores are staying open, many are closing their doors and many restaurants are only offering carryout food. In some ways, it’s surreal.

But what’s happening here in the States is nothing compared to what’s going on in France. A friend of mine named Ken Timmerman—an adviser to President Donald Trump during his campaign and author of the upcoming book The Election Heist—is actually stuck in France because of their COVID-19 quarantine.

He tells me in an interview on my Strang Report podcast that the quarantine laws that French President Emmanuel Macron has set in place are 10 times stricter than anything going on in the U.S. To go out of your house in France, you need a special permit, and if you don’t have one and you’re caught outside, you will get a fine of $150. If you’re a repeat offender, the fine increases tenfold—$1,500. And if you’re caught a fourth time, you’ll go to jail for six months.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary,” Timmerman tells me. “And what I find most extraordinary of all is how willing the French people—who are normally pretty feisty and whom you would not consider sheep—how willing they have been to go along with this and shut down the whole economy, just to save the hospital system because that’s what they’re being told by the leadership here. That’s what they’re doing. They’re shutting down the economy to save the hospital system.”

While in the U.S. many willingly stayed home from church on Easter Sunday and chose to livestream their services, Timmerman says it was mandatory in France.

“If I had tried to go to church yesterday on Easter, I would have been arrested by the authorities,” he says. “And any pastor who had tried to meet me or to pray with me would have been arrested as well. We were told this in advance. There were no church services in France at all. The French are saying, ‘Well, it’s really all for your own good.’ What they have done is instill a state of fear. We are living in a republic of fear.”

Timmerman believes this strict regulation fosters an even stronger dependence on the government—something he says the French government has been cultivating for years now. While in the U.S. we still have a culture of independence, many European countries, including France, are beginning to lean toward globalism and supranationalism.

“The French are already talking about finding agreements with other countries in the European Union,” he says. “They’re talking about nationalized industries. They’re talking about giving up their personal freedoms to the government.”

Unfortunately, if the U.S. continues to lean further and further left as the radical Democratic Party is beginning to do, then we may see more of that mindset seep into our nation. Timmerman believes that as the 2020 election gets closer, we’ll hear more of socialized medicine being a trumped-up issue. We will especially see this issue get bigger as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

But this heavy emphasis on socialized medicine might actually work against the Democratic Party. It could even turn people to vote for Trump. In fact, that’s largely what Timmerman’s book explains.

“[Trump] hasn’t taken away people’s freedoms; he’s respected the freedoms of the American people, the sovereignty of the American people, which is not the case with most of the leaders in Europe—Boris Johnson being the great exception of that,” Timmerman says. “So I think the president’s going to be reelected with a massive victory margin.”

For America’s sake, I hope Timmerman is right! Make sure to check out his book and to listen to our podcast today. And if you liked this article, share it with a friend!

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