EXCLUSIVE: Frank Amedia Exposes Lies in Cohen’s Testimony About Trump

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Steve Strang

Michael Cohen has taken over the news lately as he testifies about President Donald Trump. Cohen used to be Trump’s fiercest defendant, but now he’s accusing the president of some very concerning things, such as participating in a criminal conspiracy. But during Trump’s presidential campaign, Cohen called me, and I can attest that he was extremely pro-Trump and pro-Israel at that time. So why did he flip? Pastor Frank Amedia—who prophesied Trump would win the presidency—says he knows why Cohen turned on Trump. In an exclusive interview with Frank for my new “In Depth With Stephen Strang” podcast, he exposes several inaccuracies in Cohen’s testimony, which he knows from spending hours with the former attorney.

In our interview, Frank pointed out that Cohen testified under oath he didn’t want a job in the White House. But Frank says this is far from true.

“I know that he was embittered about it,” he says. “He told me and he told us publicly that he was upset to be left behind. And he couldn’t understand why he was and [he said] the people around the president weren’t loyal like him, that they wouldn’t last. He taught me the ‘three strikes, you’re out’ rule with Trump. And he said, ‘Some of them are on two strikes, and soon they’re going to be out and … the boss will be relying upon me again.’ So the fact that he said he never wanted to be in there, that is absolutely not true.”

Frank also addressed the alleged hush money Cohen gave to porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had an affair with the president. Many point to a specific check of $35,000 as proof of hush money, but Frank says that money likely came directly from Cohen’s work as Trump’s personal lawyer.

“I spent hours and hours with Michael on some personal family business, and I’m sure it wasn’t pro bono,” he says. “I have no doubt that he was retained by the president. Now, retainers that are monthly pay an amount, and a lot of times they don’t specify the exact work being done. But when that amount is used up, you bill for more or you have a lump sum deal. Now, unless he’s producing some expenses for additional work that he did for the family—other than that which he’s claiming was all Stormy Daniels hush money—then on the face of it, it’s wrong.”

It’s important to realize that Frank isn’t making these assumptions from things he has read on the news. On the contrary, Frank has known Cohen for quite some time. The two men even campaigned together for Trump, spending hours on the phone talking and working toward their goal. Afterward, Frank and Cohen remained close, so Frank saw how personally invested Cohen was in defending Trump’s integrity.

In my exclusive interview with Frank, he sheds light on how Cohen used to respect and defend Trump. (Scroll to the end of this article to listen to my entire interview with Frank. Subscribe to my new “In Depth With Stephen Strang” podcast at cpnshows.com and tune in each Friday for a fresh episode!)

“Michael—in no way does he believe that Donald Trump is a racist in his heart,” Frank says. “I can assure you [of] that. Nobody can make a pivotal change and sell something one way and then the other way, where they had tears in their eyes during the campaign and then all of the sudden, he’s so bitter and strong.”

Frank says a video has been released recently of a speech Cohen gave years ago in which he vehemently opposes claims that Trump is a racist.

“‘As the son of a Holocaust survivor, it’s hard to sit back,'” Frank says, quoting Cohen’s speech. “‘Actually, it’s morally wrong to sit back and do nothing when someone who you know, someone you hold in great esteem and truly care about is being so viciously attacked day in and day out. Not only is Donald Trump not a racist,’ Cohen said, ‘but he believes that all people are part of one race—the human race.'”

But Cohen’s affections switched gears when he practically went into bankruptcy in June 2017. At that time, authorities filed tax warrants against him for more than $37,000 in unpaid taxes. And on top of all this, Trump didn’t allow him to keep working in the White House.

“Why would Michael flip so radically?” Frank says. “Well, he was desperate. In June 2017, the world crumbled around him; the president had to stay away from him. … The charges that he’s pled guilty to weren’t about Donald Trump. They’re about other things that he’s done. He said in his testimony clearly he has no proof of Russian collusion, but he has suspicions, which we all know where that comes from. That’s a mentality of witchcraft.”

But perhaps one of the biggest influences on Cohen to turn on Trump, though, was his involvement with Lanny Davis, a Democrat who portrays himself as a Clinton insider. He served the White House counsel during Bill Clinton’s crises and later helped with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Suddenly, Davis connected with Cohen while the latter was at a major low point in his life. Could this be a coincidence? Frank says no.

“[Davis] says a mutual friend he has sworn not to name … connected them,” Frank says. “Doesn’t that sound like the deep state all over again? … How about the deep people who are stringing this web? All of a sudden, they get a man desperate. And all of a sudden, [they say], ‘Maybe you’re not going to go down for 30 years or 25 years. Maybe there’s a way where we don’t seize all of your assets, all of your father-in-law’s assets. Maybe there’s a way where your family can be taken care of. Oh, and by the way, you can’t afford a lawyer; we’ll get you one of the best.’ Isn’t it interesting that Lanny Davis is a professional fixer? … He’s a Washington spin maestro.”

People across the country, especially liberals, are spinning Cohen’s situation to make it seem like he is a wounded hero. The liberal consensus seems to be that although he made some bad choices, he’s trying to turn his life around and seek redemption. Frank says this facade whitewashes what’s really happening.

“There was a deal made, and Michael was desperate, and an operative got involved,” Frank says. “It’s not different than what would happen in the deep state, in the CIA, trying to get somebody to turn to be a spy. … Redemption is not a political thing; it’s a spiritual thing. And the people around him are not going to help him find redemption.”

Sadly, this is true; Cohen’s redemption won’t come by bashing Trump. We need to pray that Cohen speaks only the truth and that he would find his redemption in Christ alone.

Frank shares more about his political and spiritual insights into the Cohen trial in a POTUS Shield video he recently released. Click here to watch the video. And be sure to listen to my entire interview with Frank as he unpacks the details of why the liberal perspective of this situation simply doesn’t add up.

For more in-depth interviews with godly influencers in our nation, subscribe to my “In Depth With Stephen Strang” podcast at cpnshows.com!

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