Charisma Panel: Amid Election Chaos, We Must Contend, Press Forward in Faith, Not Fear

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Steve Strang

The chaos surrounding the 2020 election seems to have our nation spinning. The divide that widened before Nov. 3 seems even greater now, with the Associated Press declaring Joe Biden the winner of the election while counts from multiple states remained incomplete. But how are faithful Christians, who believed the many prophets who assured us of a victory for President Donald Trump, to respond? I convened a Charisma panel of three generals in the faith via Zoom to help us know how to think, act and pray in this unusual season.

Charismatic faith leaders Richard Roberts, Frank Amedia and Mark Gonzales joined me for this fascinating discussion. God gave them all powerful words of insight and encouragement that—just as we did before the election—we must contend for the truth and press forward in faith, not fear.

Richard Roberts of Oral Roberts Ministries tells believers this is not the time to give up. “I use this expression a lot: Much prayer, much power; little prayer, little power; no prayer, no power,” he says. “This is not the time to shrink back; this is the time to pray and to stand.

“Many of us perhaps misunderstood the prophetic word,” Roberts adds. “It wasn’t that President Trump was not going to be reelected. It was that we all thought it was going to happen last Tuesday night. … I believe with all my heart he is going to be fully reelected. And a lot of the irregularities are going to be cleared up so they can never happen in our country again. And I think God will get the victory.”

Pastor and prophet Frank Amedia of Touch Heaven Ministries and the POTUS Shield, who has received multiple clear words about Trump’s presidency, says that once Election Day passed, he spent some time with God reflecting on “everything He had said and everything that had happened. … And God was 100% accurate, right down to the third Supreme Court justice.” Amedia also says, “God doesn’t conform to anybody’s circumstances. And certainly, He’s not going to let the glory go to anybody else. … Our message right now needs to be one of rest and faith in the Lord.”

Amedia also reminds believers of the vision God gave him back in February that he had previously shared on an episode of The Strang Report. “Donald Trump was sinking in quicksand,” he says. “And I was panicking, and I said, ‘Lord, what’s happening?’ And I saw the thumb and finger of a hand come down, and I knew it was the hand of the Lord. And He snatched him by his head, pulled him out of the quicksand and threw him into the air … And I knew then that God was going to salvage and rescue him, just like Simeon cried out, ‘The consolation of Israel, the rescue of the deliverance of Israel.’ So we have to wait on the Lord.”

Mark Gonzales of the Hispanic Prayer Network also has some powerful words, which line up with both Roberts’ and Amedia’s. “I’m just telling people, ‘Contend, contend, contend, and keep striking the ground till it happens,'” he says. After the election, Gonzales said he had a quick moment of asking God what was happening—and the Lord reminded him of Amy Coney Barrett.

“How fast did I do that?” God asked him. “How suddenly that I did this … from Ruth Bader Ginsburg being alive to her passing to Amy Coney Barrett being in the Supreme Court was a 30-day period,” Gonzales says, pointing out that we have two months before the presidential inauguration.

“We need to contend right now,” Gonzales emphasizes, adding that Christians receive prophetic words and contend for them in areas such as ministry, finances and family, but not with the government and elections. He says we must “take that prophetic word, and we’ve got to wrestle with it, contend with it, because God is up to something greater than we ever realized. And He’s not done. … He’s got something greater than just the election. He’s got something greater than just the presidency in mind, because he’s thinking about future generations.”

God brought forth many more powerful words in our discussion, so watch it here to hear what the Lord is saying in this time of what may seem like uncertainty. Please join your prayers with ours and share this Strang Report podcast episode, God, Trump and the 2020 Election podcast episode and video with others who need to know the spiritual truth rather than the fake news. {eoa}

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