Are Demonic Spirits Influencing the Trump Impeachment Process?

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Steve Strang

Wherever you turn, it seems people are talking about the impeachment against Donald Trump. Clearly, political motives are driving the hearings, but are there also spiritual factors involved? Cultural commentator Michael Brown says yes.

I invited Brown onto my “Strang Report” podcast to offer his insight into these impeachment hearings. He says the fury of the left and its drive to take down Trump go way beyond mere passion.

“When you look at the women who were literally scratching the doors of the Supreme Court building and pounding the doors, it was like someone having a tantrum when they couldn’t get their way,” Brown says. “It’s one thing to feel passionate about an issue. It’s another thing to behave in that way. …

“We have to recognize we’re in an intense spiritual battle. We’ve always been in a spiritual battle since the fall of man; we understand that. But for decades now, there has been a real push to destroy the very fabric of our culture to uproot any Christian heritage and roots that we have.”

Democrats have been talking about impeachment for a long time now, but they didn’t seem to have enough evidence against the president to impeach someone they already didn’t like. For this reason and more, Brown calls this entire impeachment process “suspect.”

“It’s almost like the parents are telling you, ‘You’re going to be grounded for four months’ when you haven’t done anything. And then the moment you do it’s like, ‘See, I told you you’re going to be grounded.’ So the whole thing seemed suspect from the start. And does anyone really think that the president committed offenses that are so serious he should be removed from office?”

So if this is all just a ploy to remove the president from office simply because people don’t like him and not because of a criminal offense, then what are we to think of it? Whether we like the leaders elected into authority over us or not, we are called to pray for them. (Read 1 Tim. 2:1-2 for Paul’s thoughts on the matter.) But from protection of illegal aliens to same-sex marriage to abortion, Trump has exposed the dangerous radicalism of the left—and that’s made Democrats angry at him since before the first day of his presidency.

“What I don’t understand is if we’re talking about essentially removing the president of the United States for an impeachable offense, and the one launching the charge can hide behind anonymity,” Brown says. “What in the world are we thinking and what universe are people living, that they think we can talk about the direction and fate of the United States of America based on anonymous sources?”

Just as with the Brett Kavanaugh case, it appears Democrats are throwing every unfounded, unkind and unjustifiable charge against Trump. Brown believes this strategy will backfire on the left, causing the liberal party to self-destruct.

Will you join with me in fervent prayer for our country? We are in a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation, and there’s no better time to intercede than right now. Share this article, and be sure to listen to my full interview with Brown about the current impeachment hearings!

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