Should We Believe All the Scary Prophesied Conspiracies?

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My air conditioning service man informed me two months ago that the Lord showed him with great clarity that Obama is the Antichrist. My taxi cab driver is absolutely convinced God is telling him to leave Florida because the Zika virus will propagate and the Sunshine State will be quarantined. He may have already left. I haven’t seen him in a month.

And have you heard the prophetic predictions about a major disaster striking two U.S. cities before the election that will usher in martial law? Yes, word on the streets suggests Obama will be the last legally elected president. He will reportedly remain in the White House well after Election Day, take over as head of the United Nations, and usher the globe into a New World Order that will crush Christianity.

Should we believe all this? Should we be stocking up food? Heading for Canada? Taking all our money out of the bank? Hiding in underground bunkers with big guns and plenty of ammunition? How should we respond to the many conspiracy theories and prophetic predictions of doom, gloom, destruction and disaster? What does a blood-bought, Bible-believing, Holy Spirit-filled, tongue-talking saint do at such a time as this?

Isaiah’s Prophetic Utterance

I found the answer in Isaiah 8 some months ago. These were difficult times for Israel. The stage was set for an Assyrian invasion. It’s a fearful thing to have an army set to invade your borders, and Isaiah’s prophetic word was especially disturbing: The enemy would come upon them with great speed and collect significant spoils. The unfortunate bottom line was that judgment was coming upon the Israelites—and coming soon.

Nevertheless, the Lord had some very clear words for Isaiah that apply to the many believers and unbelievers alike who are scared in the midst of one of the most intense conspiracy swirls we’ve ever seen in America. It’s found in Isaiah 8:12-13:

“You should not say, ‘It is a conspiracy,’ concerning all that this people calls a conspiracy, neither fear their threats nor be afraid of them. Sanctify the Lord of Hosts Himself, and let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread.”

The Hebrew word for “conspiracy” in that verse is qesher, which means a conspiracy, treason or unlawful alliance. I have no doubt there are conspiracies in our government. I am quite sure treason is a reality in our military. Unlawful alliances certainly abound among the nations. But I refuse to tap into the spirit of fear.

Responding to the Scary Conspiracy Drama

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. Some believe Elvis faked his own death and is really alive. Others are convinced a flying saucer crashed at Roswell in 1947 and aliens will soon come and take over the earth. Still others believe NASA faked the moon landings. The list of conspiracy theories goes on and on.

More recently, the prophetic predictions suggested extreme economic trouble in September 2015. The markets were supposed to crash. It was supposed to be mass chaos. It didn’t happen. Could it happen? Absolutely. We’ve seen Great Depressions before and it’s true that our economy is inflated. But it doesn’t take a prophet to see that.

Whatever happens, we must not fear. Fear is not from the Lord, no matter what the facts say. We are overcomers. We are children of the King. There are massive numbers of people praying for the mercy of God in our nation. He’s not going to turn His back on His people. Now is the time to seek the Lord for His wisdom, not to seek a timeline on our destruction from the conspiracy prophets. {eoa}

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