‘There’s a Rumbling in the Spirit to Desire Christ Above All’

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While sitting outside a few mornings ago, I found myself getting quiet before the Lord, letting go of the busyness and the 100-mile-per-hour thoughts all speeding through my mind on the freeway we like to call progress. I wept as I listened to God share His heart with me. Nothing else mattered in those moments except Him. Focus that had been displaced momentarily by daily tasks and consuming thoughts that tried to fill the vastness only He can fill dissipated, and I felt the ache of God for His children. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

I have never been one to release a word for the new year. It has never been a personal desire to do so, and I have resisted the urge to scribe for the sake of scribing and pleasing man. However, there is a stirring and an urgency that I sense so strongly not only for this year but for the next few years as the bride of Christ is fully awakened to action and to her First Love. Intimacy with Christ is of utmost importance if we are to understand an authentic stirring of a God-shaped longing.

There Has to Be More

There is a rumbling in the Spirit, a holy stirring beckoning the body of Christ to desire Him above all things. This is not about feeling a goose bump or getting slain in the Spirit, but this is about a deep inward work so that we are changed into another man or woman emanating the very nature of God. It is having a perpetual residue on you of having been with Jesus. A God-shaped longing is beyond the measures of what man can fathom. This deep longing is the longing of many who could not care less offending those around them content in a spiritual semi-comatose state with this simple statement, “There has to be more.” My friend, if you have felt this way, “the more” you are looking for is Jesus Christ. This longing cannot be satisfied with anything else but Him.

It is difficult to fully put into words exactly what I sense, but I do know this: The bride of Christ is being called to fully awaken and to cease remaining silent in a dying world. We are being called back to the Word of God and to monogamy with Jesus Christ. We are being called to face persecution head on without compromise of the Word of God. We are to go beyond lip service. We are to make it plain to whose kingdom we belong and to whom we pledge our allegiance. The time is now to draw near to Him not only in our words, but in our hearts with no distance in between.

I believe that in the coming days, this God-shaped longing will be marked by voices coming forth that will sound the alarm to return to the things that matter to Him. Repentance will resound in the land. The call to salvation will not be dismissed as optional. Real transformation will be evident. The facets of His nature: consecration, reverence, purity and righteousness will become the facets of the church. Though many will seek to have their ears tickled with words without substance or sobriety, there will be those who will not settle for it because the deep of God is calling out to the depths of Himself within them, stirring the God shaped longing to be spotless and attentive before Him.

There will be times of refreshing as those who have not completely understood this drawing by His Spirit will welcome His love and His Fatherly guidance. Gifts will be in operation with a strong emphasis on the fruits of His Spirit. We seem to place more emphasis on gifts than on bearing good fruit in this hour. We overlook barren branches while becoming enamored with pretty packages and flashy presentations. No more. The evidence of His fruits is proof of consummation with Christ. The longing for Him and “as He is so are we” is to take priority over evidence of talents and gifting. Gifts and callings are without repentance, but salvation is not.

With this longing comes a purification and a rejection of the counterfeit. Public gatherings will undergo a metamorphosis into travailing and intercessory sessions. This longing will be infectious to those who desire to be stricken with lovesickness for Jesus. Messages of heaven and hell will infiltrate the pulpit as ministers tremble with fear and awe to deliver the word of the Lord. Words forgotten will be unearthed by those who dare to utter the truth concerning eternity. Beloved, we long for the world to know the truth, but we must receive it first. Oh, how I long to hear words that cause me to die on the altar so that He may have every part of me, leaving nothing for this world or for the enemy. My heart aches for the church to be in this state and to long for Him above notoriety and every other lover seeking our affection and to inhabit that God shaped longing. We are in such a pivotal time, and church as usual, whether “traditional” or “charismatic” will not do. There is a stirring. What will you do? {eoa}

Dawn Hill is a Christ-follower and a freelance writer. She writes a blog called “Lovesick Scribe.”

This article originally appeared at lovesickscribe.com.

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