Prophetic Dream: It’s Time to Rally the People

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“Where are my leaders? I am calling them to the front! It’s time to rally the people!”

In a dream the other night, the Lord issued a summons to leaders in the body of Christ. Many have been distracted and filled with doubts. Some have wondered if they are qualified or prepared for the task. Others have been disappointed in themselves because they can’t meet all the needs of the people. Some have not taken the necessary time to prepare their own hearts and lives for what is ahead.

And yet—the hour is late! The stage has already been set and heaven’s hosts have been gathered and prepared. The Lord needs your leadership in this hour! You are being called to the front to raise your voice so the people can hear the word of the Lord!

This is not a time to second-guess the mission or debate your readiness. The Lord is calling you, and it’s time to move. Do not wait any longer, for the time is now.

Throughout biblical history, whenever the people of God were expected to do exploits and defeat their enemies, there was always a rally cry—a coming together to reinforce heaven’s command and stir up courage in the people. This is that time. This is that day.

You must know the mission at hand and not look to other seasons and other assignments. The Lord will provide others to fill in the gaps and pastor the people you cannot reach. Do not allow guilt or even jealousy of the gifts of others to keep you from your calling in this hour.

Heaven is about to unleash a wave of supernatural justice on the earth and the hosts have been lined up. But without the needed commanders on this side, the mission will not succeed. There must be agreement in the camp if God’s people are to rise in victory against the demonic forces aligned against us.

The battles to be won will not be won through clever human intervention, strategic campaign tactics or skillful economic means. Do not look to the earth realm for the answers! The breakthroughs for healing and deliverance will not come solely based on innovation, miracle drugs or wonder cures. Yes, these play a part, but there is a supernatural element about to be released that nothing else can match. But it can only come forth when God’s leaders are in place and sound the alarm to prepare the way.

If you are a leader in the body of Christ, be sure to know your specific assignment right now and do not compare with others. You must lean into God’s call on your life and be faithful to that. For some, you must be willing to leave “the one” to the care of someone else so that you can answer the call to the front. If you have been alert to His ways, the Lord has already been providing people to help you and you must let them do their part.

For some leaders, you have been searching your own heart and going through a time of sanctification and purification. This is a good thing, and yet you must now leave your prayer closet and take your place in front of the people so they can rise up in boldness and courage for what lies ahead. They need strong leadership to prepare the way for victory! They need to know the mission. They need an infusion of faith so that the call will outweigh the cost.

There is a sound from the church that must arise to defeat the enemies waging war against the kingdom. It is not just the sound of united prayer or passionate worship. These practices prepare the atmosphere and align our hearts, but their purpose is to reinforce our mission and clarify our call. Decisions must be made and actions must be taken from a faith-filled people who have come together in agreement, with one heart, one mind, and one purpose to answer the charge.

“So all the men of Israel gathered at the city, united like one man” (Judg. 20:11). The children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals.

The principalities at work in high places can only be defeated through a chosen people and holy nation that is united by a common cause. We have been given the time to prepare, but we must learn when it is time to come into formation to do warfare together. It is time for God’s leaders to take that place which heaven has been preparing them for. You know who you are. There will always be the need for acts of compassion and service to the poor. But, do not allow the endless needs to keep you in the rear when it is time to come to the front.

This is not a time to preach your pet doctrines or build your personal ministry. This is not about how good you look, but how well your troops are empowered. This is the time to reinforce the ranks for which you have been given charge. The commander of the Lord’s army is at the helm and we must all align under His direction to advance into enemy territory.

Even in this time of distancing and isolation, God is preparing a way for His leaders to rally the people. It is not based on the numbers in your gatherings or the size of your platform. It is based on the sound of your voice. If you have been faithful, there is a rally cry within you. The heart of the Lion of Judah is inside of you and it must now roar the charge and inspire those you lead. That which you have learned in the secret place must be poured out so that the people can know that God is with us and will heed our cries.

Do not shrink back. Do not be silent. And do not waste time in distraction and doubt. Take your place—know that which has been assigned to you and that which only you can do.

There is no Plan B. You have been called into service! Heaven is waiting and the people are watching. Run to the front and rally the troops for the mission is underway and your voice must be heard. {eoa}

Wanda Alger has been a field correspondent with Intercessors for America and writes for several national online publications. She is also a speaker and the author of five books, including Moving from Sword to Scepter: Ruling Through Prayer as the Ekklesia of God. Follow her blog at wandaalger.me.

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