Prophetic Alarm: Stay Alert in Your Calling!

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“And the child [John the Baptist] grew and became strong in spirit, and he remained in the wilderness until the day of his appearance to Israel” (Luke 1:80).

Many men, women and children throughout the Bible were seemingly born for a certain special moment in time. They were unheard of for many years, and then all of a sudden, their name became a household word down through the generations.

Even after Jesus’ own birth, He is not heard from until He shows up in the temple at 12 years of age. It almost seemed like a premature showing, wandering away from His parents. From 12 years of age to age 30, He just seemed to disappear. All the Bible can tell us is that He grew in wisdom and favor in God’s eyes. There’s nothing recorded about those formative years between 12 and 30.

Nothing really significant, just that He became a common carpenter. Eighteen years are a mystery, but in His last three years, He made history and changed everything forever!

Could this pattern of Jesus’ own life be an example for us today? Could it be that our lives are still being prepared for that one special moment in time that we were created for?

I am learning that it’s in our everyday, ordinary, mundane grind of life, with all of its problems that could drive us crazy, that becomes the “fertilizer” that produces the supernatural in our lives! When I think of fertilizer, I think of manure. Know that when you have a whole lot of this kind of fertilizer around you, and it seems eternal, something supernatural is about to happen and your one moment to change history is very near!

In One Moment the Unknown Will Be Heard From

We will never forget the moment when flight 1549 of US Airways miraculously landed in the Hudson River near New York City. This seemingly ordinary pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who faithfully put in 40 long years on the job, suddenly became known all over the world as the “Miracle Man.”

His secret of fame? As reported by MSNBC, “He got his pilot’s license at 14, flew fighter jets in the Air Force, investigated air disasters, mastered glider flying and even studied the psychology of how cockpit crews behave in a crisis. He had been in training his whole life for this kind of crisis. When the ultimate test came on a descent over the Hudson River, he spoke into the intercom only once and gave perhaps the most terrifying instruction a pilot can give—’Brace for impact’—with remarkable calm.”

The stewardesses also train long hours behind the scenes for this type of trauma. I believe his 40 years of everyday life in flying experience and preparation took him into a miracle zone over the Hudson River, and it created that one moment to make history! He met his miracle!

‘I Am Not the Hero!’

At first, the world celebrated Captain Richard Phillips, who was at sea when the news broke of his miraculous rescue. This faithful captain at sea proved that he was willing to give his life for his crew. According to Breitbart, he made it very clear, “I’m just the byline. The heroes are the Navy, the Seals and those that have brought me home.”

CNN reported: “In the end, it was a single moment that brought the hostage crisis to its dramatic finish. Three gunshots. All three fatal. Fired in the dark by three specially trained U.S. Navy SEALs as the pirates’ boat rocked in the waters off Somalia. ‘Phenomenal shots—75 feet away,’ said Navy Vice Adm. Bill Gortney who oversees the region.”

According to navyseals.com, “U.S. Navy SEALs is comprised of the most elite soldiers in all of the U.S. Armed forces. … The training includes the dreaded ‘hell week,’ where soldiers are truly put to the test. For most people, this test is completely impossible to pass.”

By the way, these three Navy Seal heroes were never heard from. Their exploits are only mentioned by Navy officials. In my research, it appears that if you are chosen to this highest-ranking caliber of the military Navy Seals, your public identity is taken away and you are never heard from. Their many years of training are for that sometimes “one second” moment of rescue. Their one moment to make history was really a one-second shot that was heard around the world, and we may never know who they were. Maybe we should take note that some of our names won’t be recognized until heaven.

The Next 60 Seconds Could Be the One Moment You Were Born For

I sense an urgent alarm going off in the Spirit over the body of Christ: “Stay alert!” In your hiddenness and seemingly overlooked life, you have been in training and preparation for a “God” moment in time.

Although you have been used many times in many ways to bring God glory, there is a special season of “one moment” history-making opportunities that are upon us that will explain why we haven’t really been heard from yet.

Nothing has been wasted. Despite the years which the cankerworm and the palmerworm have seemingly eaten away, your life is now becoming an investment, giving you priceless experience in preparation and training. Even your losses will soon be seen as gains, for you have won Christ through them!

All things have been working together for your good because of your growing love for Him. He definitely is not through with any of us. It’s all been preparation. His divine nature has been increasing inside of us.

Stay alert. The next 60 seconds could be the one moment you were born for.

Bill Yount has been a member of Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, Maryland, for the past 40 years and is in leadership. He faithfully served in prison ministry at Mount Hope Inc. for 23 years and now travels full time, ministering in churches and Aglow circles. He is currently an adviser at large for Aglow International. Bill has authored several prophetic books. His latest book is Handfuls of Purpose. Subscribe to his prophetic emails at: billyountweekly.com/billyount. Visit Bill’s website at billyount.comor email him at [email protected].

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