‘Get Ready, for I Hear the Prophetic Sound of Abundant Rain Coming Into Your Life’

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The Holy Spirit began to show me in a vision a sea and heavy fog that formed into a thick dark cloud. I didn’t understand the vision at first glance. As I sought the Lord in regard to the interpretation, the Lord spoke to me that His people felt like they were under a closed heaven and that there was little or no provision being released for their vision, dream, prophecy, business, ministry, family, marriage, church and personal life. The Lord said that the prayers of the righteous shall avail much in this season and that He is pouring out divine blessings.

God revealed to me that there is coming a season of suddenly that is releasing the abundance of rain. The dark cloud was full and looked like a pregnant woman ready to give birth. The Lord said that heaven’s water is about to break. It’s God’s people due season. But with this due season, there were many who faced rejection, severe opposition from those they love or were once in covenant with, financial hits and demonic assaults.

In addition, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that there were many of God’s people who felt fragile, fatigue, feeble and perplexed at times, trying to fulfill the vision and purposes of God on their lives. Many have lost hope and seem that their prophetic promise from the Lord will never happen. But God told me to tell you that you are at the threshold of a divine breakthrough. The sea represented the abundance and vastness of what is coming to those who endured. The fog formed into a dark cloud representing God’s presence, glory and provision. God wants to see His people blessed and successful in all that He has entrusted them to steward over.

God revealed to me that there were many who tried to get their vision off the ground several times but were met with much resistance and persecution. They have prayed, fasted and waited on God to fulfill His Word. Moreover, whenever they get ahead to finally muster up enough faith and energy to move forward, there is always recurring financial attack that puts them in a rut. God spoke to me to tell His people that their wait is over! He said He is sending supernatural assistance that will put wings to their prophetic word, dream and vision.

God said this is the season when He is breaking the reoccurring cycles of lack, debt, poverty, financial and spiritual hits. He is drawing the line in the sand against the enemy of your destiny. God is sending divine manpower for the continual labor and sacrifice you have made. The Lord said many of His people have been laboring and working but brought in little to provide for their household. Many have had to make some financial cuts just to make ends meet. There has been an underlining attack against those who carry the burden and vision of the Lord for their generation.

The attacks and hits are an indication that heaven is about to endorse, reinforce and support your vision. God spoke to me that there are those called to pioneer, forerun, trailblaze and set new trends in their generation. In addition, He revealed to me that these Holy Spirit-filled men and women of God will be able to create and reshape their spiritual economy by the power of their prayers, decrees, prophetic words and visions of God.

Furthermore, those who felt they have been in a season of drought, lack, desolation and pressure will see the heavens open over them. The Lord told me to tell His people their secret prayers will be supernaturally answered suddenly. The sea, fog and cloud that I saw in the vision are about to make sense for many prophetically. The Lord took me to the Scripture to confirm this prophetic word in 1 Kings 18:43-45:

And he said to his servant, “Go up now, and look toward the sea.”

And he went up and looked and said, “There is nothing.”

And he said, “Go again,” seven times.

On the seventh time, he said, “A small cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising out of the sea.”

And he said, “Go up and say to Ahab, ‘Mount your chariot and get down, so that the rain does not stop you.'”

In the meantime, the sky turned black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode and went to Jezreel.

This passage of Scripture reveals that Elijah’s servant was instructed to go see something in the natural what Elijah saw and heard in the spirit while in prayer. The servant obeyed, and every time he went up, he saw nothing. On the seventh time going, he finally saw something. The Spirit of the Lord said that many of His people keep working their vision, dream, prophecy and burden from God but saw no progress, improvement, growth, increase, expansion, provision, blessings or breakthrough. But the Lord says that your consistency, persistence and determination to obey Him when you saw nothing happening for you will release the rain.

God says, “Look again, rainmakers!” When the servant went up, he saw a cloud as small as a man’s hand rising from the sea. God says get ready, for His hand is moving swiftly now in your life. The prophet’s servant went up seven times, and God says He is completing what you have started. The number seven is the number of perfection and divine completion.

Finally, after the sky grew dark with clouds and wind, the rain came. Get ready for I hear the prophetic sound of abundance of rain coming now in your life. God is changing your economy and the rain will be the sign that lack is being broken. God is saying that you are about to see what you heard in prayer being released as the prophet Elijah heard heavy rain before it materialized in the natural. ” Elijah said to Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of a heavy rainfall” (1 Kings 18:41). You are the rainmaker, and God said, “Look again, and see Me coming to soak, drench and marinate you in my glory rain!” {eoa}

Dr. Hakeem Collins is an empowerment specialist, respected emerging prophetic voice, apostolic leader, governmental minister, life coach and sought-after conference speaker. He is known for his keen accurate prophetic gifting and supernatural ministry. Follow him on: facebook.com/drhakeemcollins and hakeemcollinsministries.com.

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