Prayer Storm Gains Momentum in This Crucial Moment

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James W. Goll

Storm clouds are brewing. Are you ready?

The global prayer movement is experiencing a transitional time in history. We are shifting from a petitioning approach to decreeing by faith that a true global awakening is now upon us for Jesus Christ’s sake.

It is imperative that unbelief and the slumbering spirit of passivity that lingers upon the body of Christ be broken off so that we can arise into the fullness of our divine destiny. 

Recently I was awakened out of sleep by hearing a word trumpeted in my bedroom. “I am at War!” In the seer anointing I saw the words written out before me, “God at War!” It startled me. It shook me at my core. It convinced me all the more that the Lord is a man of war and He wants us to put on His warrior’s mantle (Is. 42:13)!

The Lord has often spoken into my life through dreams and visions. In 2007, God used a vivid commissioning dream, instructing me to birth a media-based house of prayer called Prayer Storm. This was a powerfully compelling experience that made a lasting impression upon me. Thank God that He will always confirm His word by the testimony of two or three witnesses (2 Cor. 13:1).

Shortly after this dream, a dear psalmist friend of mine released an unsolicited and rather unusual song in a meeting we were in together. This prophetic song pierced my heart as it came forth. With great clarity the song came straight from Ezekiel 1:4 declaring that the Lord is mounting a prayer storm that will be global. The song was a confirmation that, yes, a prayer storm will arise across the nations.

Properly Responding to God’s Signs

The sons of Issachar knew the signs of the times and what to do (1 Chr. 12:32). Whenever we see signs, we need to ask God what He is saying so that we can interpret them correctly. Then we must properly respond and yet not become enamored with the signs themselves. God had confirmed His word to me and now I knew it was time to act! So in obedience to the Lord, I rallied a cry for intercession through our ministry expression of Prayer Storm, but I have also watched as the Lord Himself has mounted a global prayer storm across the face of the earth.

“As I looked, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually, and a brightness was all around it, and in its midst something as glowing metal in the midst of the fire” (Ezek. 1:4, MEV).

Yes, signs are meant to direct us into greater dialogue with God Himself (Acts 2:19). They are not intended to be an end in themselves. These signposts point us in a particular direction that always requires faith and steps of action. We must receive the signs, no matter how great or terrifying they may seem, and ask the Lord for the right interpretation. 

A Great Storm Is Upon Us!

There is a storm coming. There is a storm already here! A mighty storm is mounting. It’s a storm of violence (Matt. 11:12). It is the collision of good and evil, light and darkness, life and death (Heb. 12:27). The sky is filled with supernatural clashes in these Last Days. The war of the Lamb is being waged on a cosmic level. And we are some of His end-time players on His stage of history. Are you prepared? Are you wide awake? Are you properly interpreting what the Holy Spirit is saying in this hour? Are you taking your place as a watchman for such a time as this?

The watchmen have been anticipating this storm. They are ready for it. A great army of watchers who fast and pray and release anointed declarations are assembling across the Earth. They are part of a long line of watching prayer-warriors who have been pressing forward relentlessly for centuries. They can recognize each other from afar. In fact, the great cloud of witnesses is looking in upon this generation with expectancy to see their very prayers be answered (Heb. 12:1).

A decade ago there were but a handful of houses of prayer assembled in North America. It is reported that today there are approximately 10,000 houses of prayer in North America alone. Add in the strategic work of the various international prayer networks, sacred assemblies, all-night worship and prayer watches, local church and ministry prayer gatherings plus the strategic national and global days of prayer. There is truly a Prayer Storm gaining momentum! There is more worship and prayer happening globally today than any time in all of church history.

The hearts of these watchers are as tender toward Jesus as a bride’s heart is toward her bridegroom. Filled with the Holy Spirit, they grow closer to God’s heart as they pray. Sometimes they fast—as their hearts are lovesick and they cannot sacrifice enough for Him. After all, He is worthy. He alone is worthy!

Volunteering Freely!

Many of these intercessors on the walls can trace their call to pray back many years. Even before they heard about others interceding for the “hour that changes the world,” they yearned to spend time with Jesus in prayerful intimacy. Across the nations there are others who are hearing the trumpet call for the first time and are volunteering freely in the day of His power (see Psalm 110:3).

The world has had its 911 terrorists attacks, tsunami assaults, Katrina hurricanes, the Middle East Wars, the terrors of ISIS, earthquakes and famines, wars and rumors of wars and other disastrous storms (Matt. 24:6). But there is a Prayer Storm that is arising that is a greater force in the Earth. It is led by a band of relentless believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who will not give up!

They are committed to a task—that the Lamb of God be magnified through out all the Earth. These Prayer Stormers want Jesus Christ the Lord to receive the reward of His sufferings. Is this true for you? Have you volunteered? I encourage you to join me on the walls intercession, declaring the heart of God for the days in which we live! May His kingdom come, may His will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven! {eoa}

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