Jonathan Cahn: Did the Gods Actually Fire Tucker Carlson?

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Shawn Akers

On April 21, when Tucker Carlson spoke out against the demonic forces at work in our culture, he was soon fired from his anchor post at Fox News.

But Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Return of the Gods,” says Carlson wasn’t dismissed by a news organization. Because of what Carlson said in a speech to The Heritage Foundation that day—among other mitigating factors—Carlson was fired by the fury of the gods that have taken over and attempted to demonize America.

Carlson is a prominent conservative in America’s national media that Cahn says rails against the agenda of these gods. In his speech, Cahn says Carlson “went even further in unmasking these gods or spirits. He basically said the forces that are taking over America, and the conflict we’re in, isn’t natural; it’s spiritual.”

Carlson had more than 3.5 million nightly viewers who listened to his “prophetic voice,” and he certainly has become a danger to the establishment.

“Tucker Carlson stood in their way,” Cahn says in a recent video message. “If you had noticed, in more recent days he had been getting deeper and deeper. He was saying what was happening to America is something spiritual. …”

There has been a great deal of speculation as to why Fox News decided to fire one of the most popular personalities in television history. Cahn says that he might have discussed topics that his bosses were uncomfortable with. But one of the more interesting reasons pertained to Fox owner Rupert Murdoch.

“He [Carlson] was engaged to an evangelical Christian woman, and he [Murdoch] had her and Tucker over for dinner,” Cahn says. “When his fiancé spoke and read from the Bible and spoke of Carlson as a prophetic voice, Murdoch was not happy about that. Murdoch was not comfortable with spirituality on Fox News and getting into the various issues of our culture [in such a manner].

“Not long after he [Carlson] broke off his engagement to that woman, he [Murdoch] fired Carlson. Beyond those reasons, there is something bigger, deeper and darker at work,” Cahn adds.

Cahn quoted from “The Return of the Gods,” explaining what happens when gods or spirits return to a culture or a nation.

“At first, you start hearing about tolerance,” Cahn says. “It’s just a strategy for the spirits to open the door of a Judeo-Christian nation. But once they get in the door, once they start gaining power in the culture, then a change begins to take place.

“We move from a culture of toleration to cancellation. That’s when the spirits, the gods, begin to take over a culture. Every knee shall bow to the new gods and every tongue shall confess to the new religion, the new woke-ism. If you don’t, the spirits will come after you and seek to marginalize you. They will vilify you, silence you and eliminate you.”

Such is the case with Carlson. In his speech to The Heritage Foundation, where he said that what you are watching in America is not a political movement, “it’s evil.”

Carlson began to rail against abortion, saying those who are pro-choice are arguing for child sacrifice. Cahn says Carlson was “exposing a dark principality, the Enchantress,” one of the Dark Trinity he wrote about in “The Return of the Gods.”

In the book, Cahn exposes the Enchantress: “She cuts to pieces those who show no respect to her. … Since they showed me no respect and they did not put their noses to the ground for me, I will personally fill the mountain range with my terror.”

“She is threatening them,” Cahn says. “And the gods, the ancient spirits, came after Tucker Carlson. Anyone refusing to pay her homage, worse, refuses to go along with her altering of marriage, sexuality and gender would suffer the unleashing of her fury. She would vilify them and portray them as haters. And so it happened to Tucker Carlson.”

Carlson also lamented of the cancel culture in today’s society. Another member of the Dark Trinity Cahn wrote about was the Possessor, which pertains to the cancel culture that has overtaken America.

Carlson may have been fired by Fox News, but he will not stay silent. Cahn urges believers to stay strong with a bold voice in the face of the gods rising up against America.

“It’s real, the spirits are back and the gods are back,” Cahn says. “They are after you. But the only way to be safe is to be saved. They want you to be silent, but do not be silent. God is stronger than the gods. Do what Tucker Carlson said in his speech, to pray for 10 minutes each day for the future, for America, for the world and for revival.” {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma News.

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