Would You Be Saved if You Had a Vision of Hell?

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Nadia Schult

“Why doesn’t God just give everyone a vision of hell? Wouldn’t everyone be saved once they witnessed this actual place the Bible describes? Everyone would go to heaven, and no one would suffer in hell. It’s not fair that only some people receive a vision from God.”

These are just some of the statements people make in regard to spiritual visions and the salvation of mankind. It sounds so easy and solves the ongoing, moral dilemma of people being cast into hell for eternity. This would be the obvious solution to God’s problem with mankind and their rejection of Jesus Christ. A vision of hell would save everyone and cause them to turn from their sinful lifestyles, repent of their unbelief and profess their need for Jesus. Or would it?

The Bible says that hearing the gospel is what saves a person. If God gave a vision of hell to an unbeliever, they would of course know hell is real and God exists. They would gain a mental awareness of this reality. However, there would be no faith needed once they witnessed hell. How do we reconcile the fact that faith is a requirement for salvation? Since the Bible says that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, having a vision of hell would not bring about faith in a person. A vision of hell would certainly shock and terrify a person. They would certainly be filled with fear and concern. Out of desperation they might even begin to seek out God. They also might not.

It’s only a relationship with God through Jesus Christ that saves people. Jesus died in our place, taking our sins upon His flesh to wash away our sins with His blood. Each person must repent of their sins, ask forgiveness and trust in what Jesus did on the cross. This is how we are made right with God and become adopted into His family. A vision will not save a person. Only the gospel message of Jesus Christ will.

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