Worried About Finances During COVID-19? Here’s Why You Can Trust in God’s Provision

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We live in times when financial freedom and spending capacity have become the key determinants of the quality of life we experience daily. This has effected a dramatic change in our view of life and has caused a redirection of our goals and purposes. In the wake of a pandemic that’s sweeping the whole world, causing total shutdown, some economic fallout is to be expected. In such a time as this when the financial stability of nations and corporations is being upset, affecting the livelihood of millions, we need to learn to live by the provision of God.

When God created Adam and Eve, He first created a place for them to live and provided all they needed to live a life of beauty, harmony and enjoyment before entrusting them with work or a job to complete. Before the fall, their provision was never tied to their work or what they were expected to do. It was the curse produced by sin that mandated that man and woman perform hard labor—he in the process of providing for the family and she in the process of birthing and raising that family. It was then that work and hard labor became connected with supply and sustenance needed to live on earth.

Yet God demonstrated over and over that He was still the provider, protector and preserver who would meet earth and mankind’s needs. Adam and Eve were provided with clothes that would not easily wear out; Noah was given the know-how to make ready a protection from the rain and flood; Abraham was defended from being exploited by a king; Hagar found water in a dry desert area; Moses was saved from death at the hands of soldiers and from crocodiles in the Nile; Israel was delivered from hard bondage and given possession of a land; David was given victory over enemies and in war; Solomon was blessed with abundant wealth and prosperity and so on.

There was a time in our family when we faced debt due to indiscriminate spending and unwise financial decisions. We prayed to be out of debt and then drew up a plan to pay every month a certain sum of money so as to close our outstanding debt and get rid of our liabilities. At this time, in addition to two kids who were 10 and 7 years old, we had a 1-year-old, and so I had to stay at home. We had to run our family of five on a single salary (my husband’s) and be faithful to stick to our payback plan.

The book of Daniel became my inspiration to trust God in a fresh, practical way. Daniel and his friends opted for a very simple diet, in contrast to the rich diet provided by the king, in order to live by the principles of the law. I was fascinated by his challenge to the officer-in-charge to give them simple food for 10 days and then see the results. At the end of the test period, Daniel and his friends were so much better looking, healthier and more nourished than those who ate richer food that the officer continued their diet of lentils and water. Not only that, when they were tested by the king, they surpassed all others and took top honors.

I took this to heart and applied it literally and practically to our lives, trusting God to take care of our health and our children’s progress. Since I had very minimal money for daily needs, I could only provide a very simple diet of vegetables and greens, with meat and fish appearing on the table only once a month. I used to read this portion from Daniel (chapter 1) and claim God’s care over us, knowing He was able to be our strength and sustainer. This continued for a year, but when I looked back, I saw that we didn’t have to go to the doctor even once! Our children did very well in their studies, winning laurels all around, enjoyed the best of health and, in general, fared very well all through that year.

Our God is still the same—yesterday, today and forever (see Heb. 13:8). He is our Jehovah Jireh, our provider—not just of our financial needs, but also for all that pertains to life and godliness (see 2 Pet. 1:3). In times of trouble, be it a market crash, an investment failure, a job loss, a debt situation, a financial downtime, an epidemic or a sweeping economic loss, He is still our source and our resource. He who cares for the flowers of the field, birds of the air, fish of the sea and animals that roam the earth will surely care for us, His people and the crown of His creation. He has never failed to stand by His Word, and His promises hold true even to this day, irrespective of what the world around us says. We can trust Him to be our heavenly Father, who cares intimately for all the needs of His children and oversees their provision.

All we need to do is to learn to live with less and trust God to provide the necessary nutrients within the food we can afford or is available. When the Israelites walked through the wilderness for 40 years, they subsisted on manna, water and an occasional quail. Yet they did not weaken or even fall ill or die untimely, except the generation that doubted Him. They came out of the desert as a strong, united nation, pledging their commitment to God and His laws.

May we go through this season putting our trust in God and coming out as His bride, without spot or wrinkle, a people ready and prepared for the battle ahead!

Let’s take heart, for our God is still on the throne and sovereign over all things! {eoa}

Sabina Tagore Immanuel is a counselor, content developer and author of Teach Us to Pray. Find out more at mullingspicewordpresscom.

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