6 Remarkable Ways God Shielded Israel in the Six-Day War

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Shawn Akers

More than 56 years ago, the world witnessed an extraordinary series of events that unfolded during the Six-Day War of 1967, which altered the course of history and reaffirmed ancient promises. This war, often described as a miracle in itself, demonstrated the unwavering faith of the people of Israel and their belief in divine intervention.

Following the attacks on Israeli by the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah that began this past weekend—and the continuing threats from neighboring Iran—the Israeli people are once again faced with what seem to overwhelming odds.

More Jews have been killed in 24 hours in Israel than were killed in the entire Yom Kippur war.

Many fear what is happening in Israel right now, but as any believer in Christ should know, our God is the God of the impossible, and He will be unwavering in His covering over His children, the people of Israel.

Here are six ways God’s miraculous power shone through during the Six-Day War in 1967. He certainly can do the same thing today.

1. A United Jerusalem – Before the Six-Day War, Jerusalem was a city divided. The Western Wall and Temple Mount, sacred sites for Jews, were under Jordanian control. The city had been divided after the 1948 War of Independence when Israel gained its freedom but lost the eastern half of Jerusalem. Under Jordan’s rule, religious freedom was nonexistent, and the Jewish Quarter saw the destruction of synagogues and Torah scrolls.

Tensions had been mounting for years leading up to the Six-Day War. Egypt closed the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping, and Yasser Arafat’s founding of the PLO aimed to “destroy Israel.” Arab summits were held to plan Israel’s annihilation, and clashes escalated in the run-up to the war. In May 1967, Egypt declared war on Israel, and other Arab nations joined the fight.

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2. Operation Focus: The Miracle Preemptive Strike – Recognizing the formidable threat posed by Egypt’s superior air force, Israel’s military leaders initiated Operation Focus, a daring and audacious pre-emptive strike. Their goal was to neutralize the enemy’s planes while still on the ground. This operation proved to be one of the most successful air campaigns in military history, with Israel destroying 452 enemy planes while losing just 46 of their own.

3. Divine Intervention – Throughout the war, many instances of divine intervention were reported. Pilot and IDF Major General Ezer Weizmann attributed the lack of warning by the Egyptians to “the finger of God.” Old planes that had malfunctioned in the past operated flawlessly during the conflict, and unexploded enemy shells baffled the Israeli soldiers.

4. Unseen Army – According to israelmyglory.org, “Israel’s tank forces charged on for four days across the burning sands of Sinai to the Suez Canal, withdrew, and returned, all without need of reinforcements. Foreign military experts, “Were amazed at the miracle of a small army with partly obsolete weapons trouncing a mighty army with modern, sophisticated equipment…. If they had not seen the battlefields with their own eyes, they would not have believed it. It was as if an unseen hand—an unseen army—was helping them.”

Angels over Israel? It’s a very strong possibility.

5. Miraculous Surrenders – Even more astonishing were the accounts of Arab soldiers surrendering without a fight. One Israeli infantry recruit encountered an Egyptian truck loaded with soldiers but was met with surrender instead of aggression. The soldier recounted the Egyptian sergeant’s paralyzed state, saying that his arms and body had become frozen. Such accounts demonstrated that the miraculous extended beyond Israel’s military actions.

6. Jerusalem of Gold: A Unifying Anthem – Prior to the Six-Day War, the anthem “Jerusalem of Gold” was written by Naomi Shemer, lamenting the divided city. After the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, Shemer added a verse celebrating the city’s reunification. This song became a symbol of faith and hope during those momentous days.

A Profound Testament

The Six-Day War of 1967 was not merely a military victory; it was a profound testament to the faith of the Israeli people and the belief in divine intervention. The events of that time can serve as an inspiration, especially in the face of recent attacks on Israel.

As history shows, when the odds seemed insurmountable, faith and determination played a significant role in overcoming them.

The miracles of the Six-Day War are a reminder that, in the most challenging of circumstances, unwavering faith can lead to astonishing outcomes. As believers, may we continue to remember Jerusalem and the nation of Israel in our prayers and draw inspiration from the extraordinary events of 1967, where faith, bravery and divine intervention converged to shape history.

It can happen once again. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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