You Can Equip Yourself With Weapons of Warfare

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In 1999, John Ramirez was a high devil worshipper, within the shadows of the demonic. He was involved in satanism to the core, a medium with the devil. He even has scars on his body from when he sold his soul to the devil. But in 1999, John died in his apartment and ended up in hell. He says, “But Jesus knew my address and came to my home.” He met Jesus, came back into his body and became a believer.

“The Bible is the best manual for humanity, and I wrote “Fire Prayers” as a manual to learn how to break and destroy generational curses, strongholds, bondages, besetting sin, and patterns and cycles on repeat,” Ramirez says. “In the spirit realm, we need to know how to break these curses and sins with the anointing, the Word of God and the authority God’s given us.”

Just as Elijah called fire from heaven, burned down the altars of the 450 false prophets and made them look like nothing, we need to have the authority to call the fire of heaven upon every demonic altar, stronghold and bondage in our lives and burn those things to ashes.

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Christians love Jesus, want a purpose and a destiny with Jesus, and want to live the life He has for them, but they don’t understand how to deal with strongholds and generational curses. They don’t know how to confront and separate themselves from those things—problems in their marriages, issues with children and unfortunate spiritual conditions. Fire Prayers has a special anointing from God to help believers learn to fight the good fight and be set free.

David from the Old Testament did a lot of things wrong, but he knew how to repent. Today, people repent without remorse. If you truly repent, the devil doesn’t have any legal rights over you. Christians need to properly renounce the things that are plaguing them by the anointing of the Holy Spirit; then the devil knows he has no rights over their lives anymore.   

Anything that is tormenting you has a name: alcohol, diabetes, cancer, any circumstance. Bring the name of your torment to the name above all names, Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus is a sledgehammer to destroy that name (alcohol, sickness, addictions, pornography and so on). Whatever you’re stuck in, God knows how to smash it. Usher God’s presence in your home because you need to have a godly atmosphere there to be purified and touched and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Knowing your enemy is important, but knowing the truth about Jesus is even more important. If you know your enemy, you know his weaknesses. Knowing Christ, you know your victory—you have His strength, the anointing, a relationship with the Holy Spirit and you become more than a conqueror. When you’re on the Lord’s side, no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Unfortunately, the devil will try to tempt you and put a stronghold or bondage on you. He’s a schemer and knows how to take old systems and dress them up to entrap. If you understand his patterns and cycles, you will recognize that he is a deceiver, but you don’t have to take the bait. You can fight back by praying and walking in your anointing. You need to be a spiritual sniper to bring down targets in the devil’s camp. You have the mind of Christ and can live every day for Jesus with your own fire prayers.

Today we live in a society tormented by fear, but you can live above fear because Christ is above all. You can equip yourself with weapons of warfare that will leave Satan unable to hinder your destiny.

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