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The enemy of our soul, the devil, is an identity thief operating in his No. 1 weapon: fear. He tries to steal our purpose, destiny and God’s best for our lives. Fear is the stronghold of the enemy that torments people with bondage over their minds, bodies, families, finances and marriages.

John Ramirez, author of “Destroying Fear,” calls fear a “spiritual pharaoh,” a taskmaster. In the Old Testament we see how Pharaoh used fear to rule over the Israelites. Ramirez claims his life is a miracle. In 1999, he was a high devil worshipper, within the shadows of the demonic. He was involved in satanism to the core, a medium with the devil. He even has scars on his body from when he sold his soul to the devil. But in 1999, John died in his apartment and ended up in hell.

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“But Jesus knew my address and came to my home,” he says. He met Jesus, came back into his body and became a believer.

We should have a life of prayer that moves heaven. “Destroying Fear” lists powerful prayers to break the bondage of fear and walk into your destiny. With prayer, you can dismantle the grip of fear in your life and replace it with the joy and love of Jesus.

Fear is a spiritual cancer. If you don’t kill the fear, the fear will kill you spiritually. There are people who go to bed and sleep but don’t rest because they have tormenting fear. They wake up tired because they don’t have the peace, love and joy of Jesus.

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Families can also pass down fears and curses. You need to speak the promises of God to overcome fear. You can evict the fear in your life and live in the freedom and love of Christ that God designed for you. If you can get fear out of the way, you’ll get God’s best for your life—Jesus Christ.

Perfect love, God’s love, casts out all fear. When you speak God’s promises to fear, the promises are bigger than the problem. You can walk in fearless victory and not believe the devil’s lies anymore.

Ramirez believes fear is temporary, but faith is forever. Truth is forever, and Jesus Christ is truth. God wants us to live a life without fear or torment. When you feel fear coming in, remember 2 Timothy 1:7b, which says, God hasn’t given you “a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

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