‘Demon-Possessed’ Prostitute Rejects Candace Owens’ Prayer After Debate

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James Lasher

Has Christianity withdrawn so far from recognizing and confronting the spiritual aspects of the world that it now is incapable of recognizing someone who is under the oppression of a demon?

In many cases yes, as pendulum swings can go from an over-spiritualized mindset that accuses anyone and everything of having a demon, to completely absolving someone of having a spiritual issue and instead focusing on the physical side of things.

Recently, conservative commentator Candace Owens joined the now infamous “Whatever” podcast. The show is a debate-style format that usually has one or two conservative-minded individuals discuss topics with women who participate in activities such as legal prostitution and OnlyFans created content.

While on a press tour for her newest series for the Daily Wire, “Convicting a Murderer,” Owens was confronted by a prostitute who believes that she “saves” marriages with her career choice.

Owens may have correctly placed the source of the woman’s deceived sense of reality as being from a spiritual source. This is made an even more likely possibility since the woman sitting to the prostitute’s left was wearing a tank-top that read “Made in Hell.” A bit on the nose, but quite revealing considering the spiritual powers at work behind the scenes.

“I honestly felt like, and I never say this, that she was possessed by a demon,” Owens said. “She really was. And she was growing frustrated in me remaining logical and explaining to her that obviously, her career was going to follow her for the rest of her life. And she tried to, I guess, trigger me as she was explaining how she ‘saves marriages’ and she tried to trigger me by creating a ‘what if’ scenario regarding my own husband.”

The 22-year-old woman presented Owens with a scenario that Owens deemed perverse and completely unrealistic influenced by the fallen world in which we live.

“It would probably indicate to me that my husband was involved in some perverse world, whether it was through pornography, that something else was happening on the side. These aren’t normal things that people just think of when they wake up,” Owens responded.

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This is where the recognition of a deeper issue really took hold in Owens’ mind. Something very wrong had taken up residence in this woman’s life and led her further into a life devoid of hope, love and healthy relationships with men.

“I realized that her entire reality had been warped because she works in a brothel and she sees up to 10 clients per day,” Owens says. “And you have to imagine that she thinks that this must represent what all men are like. It never occurred to her that actually, she is seeing the most debased, pathetic men that are in this society today. She is seeing men who have drug addiction. She is seeing men who have a sex addiction. She is seeing men who have gone so far into their perversions that they might actually be requesting this from her. It is not the average man that goes into a brothel.”

Joining this podcast, which was not something Owens originally wanted to do, reinforced her determination to call out the perversity and pornography that are polluting society and culture in today’s world. It also gave her an up-close and personal view of those directly affected by the deceptive spirits pulling many young women into the grasp of perverse career choices.

“This is why I spend so much time talking about perversity, talking about pornography, talking about the ills, not just of graphic pornography, which her mind is utterly polluted by because it’s a facet of her every single day, but also the soft pornography that we have all become accustomed to, the pornography that we see when we scroll Instagram,” Owens says.

“And you have Instagram models with their butt cheeks and their chests out. This is the stuff that is desensitizing us, right? It is desensitizing all of us. We’re all victims to it. I say this all the time when I see an ad, I don’t even flinch … because we have become accustomed to seeing it everywhere. It’s leading to women that are quite literally prostituting themselves in and out because they know that they can make a quick buck, and you can do that, it’s true.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Owens disclosed that she extended an offer to pray for the sex workers she believed were possessed, but the young woman on the show declined the prayer.

“She said she didn’t want me to pray for her. What kind of person rejects a prayer? You might not believe in prayers. You might not pray yourself, but if any person walked up to me, no matter what phase they were in, and they said that they were going to pray for me, I wouldn’t reject it,” Owens shared.

“I think that what the Whatever podcast taught me is that we are definitely facing a possession in America. People are possessed by the concept of fame. We are possessed by perversions; we are possessed by sexuality. And all of these things are destroying peoples’ souls, honestly, genuinely. And when I left that podcast, I still prayed for those young women because I think they need it.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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