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Shawn Bolz Shares Spiritual Keys to Living with a Looming Recession

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James Lasher

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Fears of recession have been plaguing Americans for months since the debate about whether the country had officially entered one or not.

Unofficially, after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth the country is in a recession.

Until this year apparently.

Whatever a person’s view on the state of the economy is, prices are higher, interest rates are higher and people are struggling.

Shawn Bolz addressed this issue in a recent YouTube video, in the hope to shed some light on the situation for people from a natural and spiritual aspect.

“Just last month it was reported that U.S. interest payments cost more than the entire defense budget.

“The hikes mean increased credit card and mortgage rates along with the federal government itself. The federal government interest payments will cost more than the defense budget. U.S. reckless spending is the highest in history.”

This paints a pretty grim reality for many Americans in the natural realm. No party, Republican or Democrat, has offered a solution or had the fortitude to actually work on reducing the national debt.

And for 2023 Bolz says, things are only getting worse:

“We are going from larger rising prices to larger rising interest rates. We are going to be paying more money on mortgages and car loans than we ever have in modern history. [The] Federal government is going to be paying more international debt. If they go up even 2% above the CBO forecast, it could increase deficits over 10 years by up to $4.2 trillion.”

But even in the face of all the overwhelmingly negative expectations for the economy, there is one aspect that many economic forecasters often leave out: the spiritual side of it.

Bolz addresses these spiritual keys that are essential for Christians to navigate times of hardship and distress.

“God gives us wisdom, so we have to use that wisdom.

“Do you pray over your finances in your life, and if you have an unhealthy relationship to how you’re spending in any area such as… comfort eating or feeling good shopping or false expectations… let the Holy Spirit show you!”

Bolz brings up a unique perspective for Christians: would they handle the money differently with God at the forefront of their financial decisions?

“Jesus preached about this, if God was your boss and He was the boss figure in your life and your bank account and your resources were actually His and you were just stewarding them, if you were just trying to figure out how to work them to increase for His sake, then you would have a different measure of honor.

“You would be looking to increase the resource; how would you plan based on the amount of money you make; the resources you’re on; and how you’re living your life?

“When you’re working with God and you’re looking at it to increase Him and also your family and your future generations, you may not buy that one more seven dollar coffee. You might make coffee at home.”

Proverbs 19:20 encourages believers to use wisdom and accept the advice of those placed in positions of natural and spiritual authority. Instead of disregarding or arguing with the advice or warnings of spiritual leaders, heeding these warnings allows one to be prepared when hard times fall on their nation.

“Hear counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.”

Bolz concludes that when a Christian seeks the Holy Spirit during these uncertain times, He has the resources to not only help Christians, but cause them to flourish.

“It’s time to dig deep and ask [The] Holy Spirit what you can do. But whatever you do, realize as a Christian in whatever nation that God has you, and that the economy is a way that God can release resources … God has come to give you life in the midst of a really broken world so you don’t have to live with the current recession as your boss. You live with God as your Father and that changes your outcome.” {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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