What This Ex-Witch Wants You to Know About the ‘Magic’ of Christmas

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I had the children put out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and reindeer food on the front lawn.

I love Christmas, and I always have. As a child, I was completely enchanted by the magic of Christmas: Santa travelling the whole world in one night to deliver presents, reindeer that could fly, waking up to a Christmas tree with presents spilling from underneath it and stockings full of candy that magically appeared overnight. It gave me the feeling that Christmas was a magical time, and I wanted very much to believe that Santa and his reindeer were real.

Christmas continued to be a magical and enchanting time for me, even as an adult. I continued the traditions of Santa Claus and an abundance of presents for my own children. I had to make sure that there were no presents under the tree until Christmas morning so as to recreate the tale that Santa actually came during the night.

It was so important for me that they believe that it was Santa who brought the presents. I had the children put out cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and reindeer food on the front lawn. I wanted to make the magic real for them as it was for me. In my heart, I wished still that Santa was real, because of how wonderful it would be if it were true. To me, there was nothing like the magical tale of Santa on Christmas and the romance and grandeur of it all.

The traditions of Christmas were very important to keep up with my own children. That is, until I realized how wrong I had been about Christmas for all of my life. You see, for 36 years of my life, I celebrated Christmas as a pagan, not as a Christian. I did not celebrate Christmas as a time of joy in the birth of the Christ, but as a time of joy in the magic of it all.

The world sends a message about a Christmas about indulging ourselves and getting swept away in magic. But the spirit of Christmas is so much simpler. It’s all about Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate gift. A gift that far surpasses anything I will ever see under a Christmas tree. Our Father in heaven is a good Father, and He loves to give good gifts. He loves us so much, that He was willing to part with His one and only Son, Jesus. That is the true miracle of Christmas.

Christmas is not just a story of Jesus being born; it is a story of our perfect redemption and salvation through the God who created us. I stand in awe and amazement at our God. His perfect love has bought us for all eternity. That is what Christmas really means.

Magic is real, and it is a part of Satan’s grand plan to bring his realm into our homes. It harms our children by teaching them that Santa can compete with Jesus for their affections. Santa is tangible, and Jesus, spirit, who, children often hear about only at church. Santa brings presents, magic and fun.

Magic is seductive because it appeals to our senses and our desire to escape into a world that dulls the pain and boredom we face. When we teach children that magic is OK, we are teaching them to explore a world that turns us away from God and towards pleasure and sensuality. Magic is very real, and all around us. People are turning towards it daily, through the occult and new age practices that are so prevalent.

If we are not careful to lead our children toward Christ and value Him above all, then they are in danger of being led astray by the many lies the world has to offer. Satan does not come dressed as a scary devil with horns, but instead, wrapped up as everything you ever wanted. Let us not forget the Israelites and how they stopped teaching their children about God, and the following generations all fell away and into idol worship and paganism.

Christmas is a beautiful reflection of God the Father and His love and generosity. If we can keep the true Gift of Christmas in our hearts, I don’t believe it will offend God if you give your children gifts or put up a Christmas tree. I would worry more about your heart and where you stand with Christ than whether or not you celebrate Christmas.

If you keep your intimacy with Him, then you will be right where He wants you to be. Come to God and give Him your life, your thanksgiving and your heart. Let Him show you His truth and cleanse you from whatever lies about Christmas you have been holding on to. He loves you dearly, and I pray this Christmas, you are able to give Jesus all of you. {eoa}

Beth Eckert is a Spirit-filled believer whose passion is to bring hope into the darkest places. You can find out more about Beth’s story at her blog, “The Other Side of Darkness,” and her Youtube Channel.
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