Turning Crisis into Crowns

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Sometimes our journey toward destiny is not easy. Sometimes, somewhere in between beginning and fulfillment, we can come to a place where it feels like it is just a little too long, a little too dark, a little too hard and a little too scary. Not long ago, I found myself in a place like that. I was in a season of major transition and was dealing with a lot of emotional, physical and mentally difficult circumstances. I was physically and emotionally weary. I felt so tired and had a lot of unanswered questions. In the middle of those circumstances, when I was barely keeping my head above water, I experienced one of the most painful crises of my life. The enemy was right there, in my face, daring me to quit, give up, step back, lie down and walk away from the call on my life. It almost worked. It was in that time the Lord brought me to 1 Samuel 30 to teach me how to have courage in troubled times.

Crisis comes to everyone. It is a strategy devised by the enemy to keep you from your God-given destiny. It usually comes just before the fulfillment of a major prophetic promise and no one is immune. In 1 Samuel chapter 30, twelve days before David would become king and receive the crown prophesied to him by the prophet Samuel, he faced the events at Ziklag.

David was called, anointed and appointed by God to be king over all Israel. He was living as an exile when it happened. During the five years he had been in exile, all the while fleeing from Saul’s maniacal, unjustified rage, he served God faithfully and waited for God to fulfill the prophecy spoken over his life.

Then it happened. In a vulnerable moment after a long, stressful journey, the enemy hit him hard in a place, and in a way, he did not expect. It turned his world upside down. His decisions in that moment would be crucial to the outcome. Find out how David’s choices at the most pivotal and painful moment of his life brought him a great reversal and into the fulfilment of the prophetic promise on my latest podcast series called “Turning Crisis into Crowns” on Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas.

In this series, you will be affirmed and encouraged. You will learn what it means to “encourage yourself in the Lord” and discover how to choose faithfully during crisis to overcome the enemy and receive all Jesus has waiting for you. You will also want to check out the podcast conversations I had with Dr. Mark Chironna, Dr. Pete Bellini and Dr. Mike Hutchings as we talked about depression, anxiety and trauma. The ministry and healing happening in these podcasts is tremendous.

Listen in and receive!

For more resources to help you to move forward: To listen to podcast episodes, go to Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas on Charisma Podcast Network. To purchase her latest book, The Way of the Kingdom: Seizing the Times for a Great Move of God, order here. Visit these links, Prophetic Community E Course and Four Questions E Course, to take part in her e-courses. Visit her online at KimMaas.com (with resources at https://kimmaas.com/resources-2/) or email her at [email protected] and/or join her email list at https://bit.ly/2XKgC6R. {eoa}

Dr. Kim Maas is the author of The Way of the Kingdom: Seizing the Times for a Great Move of God and Prophetic Community: God’s Call for All to Minister in His Gifts. She also hosts Move Forward on Charisma Podcast Network and the Prophetic Community e-course and Four Questions e-course.

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