The Gifting That Brings You Before Kings

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Keith Ferrante

Your gifting and anointing will bring you before influential people.

There are several errors prophetic people make that hurt their effectiveness surrounding gifting. One of them lies in misunderstanding where the gift is being used.

Often people use their gifting in the wrong places. They have a good prophetic gift, gift of discernment or other gift. But they spend their time wasting their gift on people that don’t really want to change.

Gifting has to be set in the context of metron. Your metron is where God has assigned you to minister.

How do we recognize our metron? Sometimes we recognize it where our favor is. When you have favor somewhere, it is usually unusual favor. There is general favor and unusual favor. We want to pay attention to the unusual favor we have.

Who really wants to be around you and highly values your gift? Those may be telling you where your sweet spot is for your gift.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in releasing our gift to the wrong people, and then when the right people come around, we don’t have the energy to minister to them. Can you imagine Joseph ministering to all the prisoners to the point that when Pharaoh asked for him, he didn’t want to go see Pharaoh because he had such a big prison ministry going?

His gift was leading him somewhere: the palace. He needed to recognize that the prison ministry was fine for one season, but now his gifting was going to lead him to a place of higher impact. Some of us get stuck in the effective “prison” ministries that we have, and we miss the next step God wants us to embrace.

I can feel some conviction as I am writing that. Even in my own life. I have noticed that often we don’t get a “thus saith the Lord” type of word about our ever-changing prophetic ministry. Rather, we must pay attention to the favor that keeps changing and the new doors that are opening. Scripture says there is a wide-open door of effective ministry before me but many that resist me (1 Cor 16:9)

Sometimes we need to recognize that open doors are God speaking to us through his language of favor. Those doors are leading us to the places we are called to go and the people we are called to impact.

Your gift will bring you before kings. But will you recognize the kings He is leading you to? {eoa}

Keith Ferrante founded and runs a movement called Emerging Prophets. The purpose of this movement is to discover, develop and deploy revival and reformer prophets into every sphere of society. Keith also founded and runs a prophetic consulting movement that helps businesspeople get breakthrough in their businesses. Keith is also an author. Prophesying Like a Prophet and 5-Fold Entrepreneur are two of his latest books. You can find his books and other info about Keith at Listen to Keith’s podcast titled The Gifting That brings You Before Kings on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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