Stress Can be Your Friend

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Barbara Wentroble

Stress can be your friend or it can be your enemy. There are an estimated 50,000 stress-related suicides each year. Some doctors believe that 80 percent of the illnesses treated in the United States are emotionally induced illnesses. Stress in these instances is an enemy.

On the other hand, stress in life may help eliminate boredom, dullness or apathy. A certain amount of stress keeps a person motivated and moving into their future. Without some positive tension a person may not be energized for their activities in life.

Dr. Donald Tubesing provides some help for those who are experiencing stress. “Managing stress is tuning it down when it’s too much, and increasing it when it’s too little.”

Do you need to tune down your stress? Begin your journey out of stress by doing something simple. Take one small step and the next step will follow.

Let stress be your friend and not your enemy. Your future is waiting for you to tune down your stress by merely taking the first small step.

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