Setting Generational Standards

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Barbara Wentroble

Set a new standard for your generation.

Someone once said, “When you walk what you talk … people will listen!” A similar saying is, “Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.” The way a person conducts themselves in life’s situations, handles their finances or the way they treat others becomes the person’s message. People are watching a person’s actions more than they are listening to what they say.

Four generations of Stockstills including: the belated Joel, Larry, Roy and the younger Joel have modeled their life messages to each succeeding generation for 125 years. The values that were passed down to each generation have caused millions of people to listen to the message that they speak.

The younger Joel Stockstill is the pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center’s north campus in Baton Rouge, La. He spoke these words concerning his father’s walk with Christ. “Always seeking the truth, courageously standing up for what he feels is right, never taking a false step toward another woman, and walking uprightly in the footsteps of my grandfather, [this has been] a standard for me that is a delight to live daily.”

Set a new standard for your generation. People are looking for someone who walks what they talk. Let that someone be you.

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