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Everything is changing or has already changed. The new era so many prophetic voices have been announcing is here.

The last 18 months have been disturbing, unsettling and disruptive. Transition is hard for even the most mature. Wisdom and prophetic insight are needed now more than ever. I asked one of the most trusted prophetic leaders and voices of our time, Bob Hazlett, to be a guest on Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas on Charisma Podcast Network for this very reason.

In our powerful discussion, Bob talks about the state of the church and prophetic movement. God is bringing discipline and correction. What does that mean? Bob says there is a big difference between discipline and a spanking! He also shares what he is prophetically seeing and hearing about the season we have entered.

If you are wondering where things are going and what the future holds, you are not alone. In 2019 before the pandemic began, Bob received 20 things God would do in 2020. Many of them have begun to be fulfilled. Find out what has come to pass and what is still to come.

In this episode I also ask Bob to advise my listeners, especially those who are emerging prophetic voices. What he says is incredibly practical and the kind of prophetic wisdom that will help you grow, thrive and navigate this intense time. As you listen to this episode with Bob Hazlett on Move Forward with Dr. Kim Maas, you will receive revelation and understanding for this time, be equipped to grow in the prophetic and have your hope renewed for the season ahead. If you need encouragement and desire to be equipped with prophetic insight and understanding in your own circumstances, you will want to join me and Bob Hazlett for this powerful conversation!

If you haven’t yet heard my podcasts with Joshua Silverberg, there is only one word to describe our conversation: wow! God absolutely showed up! If you need an encounter with the Lord today, be sure to listen to all three of the episodes.

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