Look for Opportunities in Problems

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Barbara Wentroble

Problems are filled with disguised opportunities. They are designed to
cause us to grow. Opportunities are there to help us become stronger and equip
us to take on our next challenge.

Ray Kroc turned his problems into a global success. Kroc partnered with the
founders of McDonald’s restaurants in 1954. 
The finances caused the business to appear successful. Yet, Kroc
recognized a problem. The founding brothers wanted to continue business with a
small number of restaurants. Kroc saw the potential that was being missed.

Kroc solved the dilemma by discovering a hidden opportunity within the
problem of limited restaurants.  He
decided to turn a small number of financially successful restaurants into a
huge franchise. Later, the business would become the global giant named
McDonald’s Corporation.

What opportunities are hidden within your problems? Is
there a limitation? Is there a potential that is being missed? Are you looking
for the opportunities in the midst of your problems?

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