How Giving Your Faith a Workout Can Help You Eliminate Anxiety and Fear

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Shawn Akers

Many of us have suffered from grief, isolation or some level of loss due to the COVID pandemic. We’ve also suffered fear, not knowing who to believe or what to do.

As a result, anxiety is becoming an epidemic in our nation. A recent survey of adults in the United States revealed that over 30 percent have suffered from some level of anxiety due to COVID—and those are just the ones who admitted it.

Another study showed that younger generations are suffering higher levels of anxiety than the older ones, so the millennials have more anxiety than the boomers. But those in Generation Z have the highest rates of all—almost 40 percent of Generation Z suffer from anxiety.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a powerful emotion: a mix of worry, fear and doubt. Ultimately, it is a lack of faith and to eliminate it, we need to build up our faith and perhaps even exercise it to make it stronger. It may take a fair amount of discipline and commitment but can be so beneficial to our spiritual health.

One simple thing you can do is to begin a weekly cycle of taking time to rest and reflect on God. Watch your anxiety lessen as you take a little time to pray, read the Bible and learn more about the Lord and His wonderful promises for you. You can start with Psalm 34:4, which says, “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

The more you learn about Him, the greater your faith will become and you will find those fears just melting away.

Resting in Faith

This weekly routine of rest and reflection is particularly important because it is how God designed us to function. Just as we were designed to need nightly sleep, we need a weekly break. If we do not get the sleep we need, our bodies will begin to break down. If we do not take time weekly to rest and fellowship with God, we will also begin to see signs of depletion in our lives—whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Everyone is unique. Our weekly schedules are different and our type of work is different, so how we rest will look different too. But we were created in the image of God, and if He rested on the seventh day and commanded His people to do the same, then maybe He understands something that we don’t. Perhaps we were designed to need that weekly rest.

Rest strengthens us—spirit, mind and body. It is good for us! It also gives us time for Bible study and to fellowship with Him, which deepens our faith and gives us greater understanding of His ways—and our purpose. This alone will encourage us and help us to face our challenges.

Every week, you can take a break from your troubles and experience the healing power in His presence. Don’t miss out!

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