Attitude Adjustment

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Barbara Wentroble


Attitudes affect our quality of
life! A positive attitude will help us
see circumstances of life from a different perspective. A positive attitude will
keep failure and success in perspective.

Positive people refuse to use the words
failure, defeated or hopeless in their vocabulary. Instead,
they use the words temporary setback,
obstacles or challenges when describing their
negative situations.

Scottish minister Alexander Whyte
was known for his positive prayers and sermons. His appearance in the pulpit was
as impressive as his preaching! He is often remembered by his attitude on a
gloomy Sunday morning. One of his congregants thought there was nothing positive
he could say about that damp and gloomy day. Yet, he began the service by
praying, “Thank you, God, for a brand new day – and that it is not always like

Your day may be damp and gloomy.
Make an attitude adjustment. Be grateful for today. No matter how dark the day
is – it is not always like this!

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